Block drains are no less than a nightmare for homeowners and building managers. The blocked drains may lead the sinks to overflow, the toilet water after flushing to returns, preventing the water in the washing machine or the dishwasher not to get cleared and other such issues.  At present the plumbers are at a high demand due to urbanization growing at a rapid pace and more and more apartments, houses and buildings coming up the ones who are already in the trade are earning handsomely. Even after that there still exists a gap between demand and supply. So, there is a lot of scope for professional plumbers even now.

We all know that a variety of plumbing tools are required for a plumbing job. But not all of us are aware of the fact that along with tools different chemicals are also required to clear blocked drains.  It is necessary for one to carry the right kind of tools and other items to be a successful plumber and earn some reputation.

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Things to Carry to Clear Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be caused by the accumulation of grease & fat on the plate.  All these usually tend  to pass through the kitchen sink while it is being cleaned.  There can be different reasons for their occurrence. For instance, due to the growth of some vegetation on the drain pipes,  accumulation of the leaves on them, or because of some different items like the soaps and ornaments that had slipped through.  It is important that all of these are rectified or cleared by a plumber using proper tools and items.

  • Hand Gloves – A plumber must have a good pair of hand gloves. The plumber often uses his hands to free the blocked drains.  For this purpose, a pair of waterproof hand gloves should always find a place inside the toolbox of a plumber. Because cleaning drains tend to be a messy job, it is best to use disposable gloves which can be thrown away after the job is done.
  • Plunger – A When sometimes the blockage is beyond reach plunger is a must item to be kept in the toolbox of a plumber to clear the drain. It is needed to suck out the air trapped inside plunging quickly placing the plunger on the open end. Plunging is an effective method of clearing the blocked drains. The hairs, scum and other debris that had caused the problem are then washed away by the flow of water.
  • Drain Rods – They are reliable and flexible rods that can be connected to increase the length and reach the point of blockage.  They are helpful in dislodging the materials that are the cause of the blocked drains.   You just need to randomly poke the debris to move them down the drain after breaking it into small pieces.
  • Cleaning Chemicals –The small blockages in the drains can be easily removed by certain chemicals. ,  That is why a plumber should always carry them to clear the tiny particles. They can also be used for regular maintenance for keeping the drains clear.
  • Masks – Blocked drains tend to contain some toxic gases that are harmful for human beings.  Masks are helpful in keeping them away from the foul smell of the drains while at work. Even the drain cleaning chemicals are toxic as well because are mainly acids the smell of which should be avoided.

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Hence, along with essential tools like screwdrivers, spanners, wenches etc. keeping the above mentioned equipment are a must for the plumbers.  You must learn to clear the blocked drains efficiently using the right tools to become a successful plumber.