You can install some room heaters and portable heating system in your house to get warm temperature during winter, but these heaters cannot provide you centralized heating capacity. But if you install the ducted heating system then you can easily avail a constant temperature inside your house and not only that, you can also regulate the temperature or heat level of a particular zone or room. One of the essential reasons behind their extreme popularity is that they are highly energy efficient. However, if you are looking for efficient as well as balanced heating, then gas ducted heating is one of the best solutions which offers warm air that is heated via a central heating system, and the heated gas is then circulated through ducts which are installed to every corner of the house or office.  Apart from that, these gas ducted heating systems are mostly run with natural gases such as LPG and they can easily save your power consumption bill too.

gas ducted heating

gas ducted heating

Environmental Effects

According to the study conducted on various heating systems and their environmental effects, it has been found by many scientific research institutes and environmentalists that gas heating is safe for the environment.

  • As per to studies it has been revealed that house which uses electrical heating appliances compared to the gas ducting system of heating produces 300% more carbon emission and causes essential greenhouse gas pollution.
  • Besides, even the electricity costs are rising gradually with each day and in comparison, natural gas is less expensive, the use of natural gas for heating your house or office can also be cost-effective to a great extent.

What Are the Advantages of gas ducted heating System?

Uniform Heating

This kind of heating system is operated through a network of ducts and vents which opens up in different rooms in ceiling or floors. Thus, there is actually no cold spot in the house since the gas released throughout the house and the heated air easily spreads to bring in warmth everywhere. Moreover, it is actually easier and comfortable to operate one system instead of managing several separate units in all different rooms. Apart from that, you can also increase or decrease the temperature of a particular zone or room, and you can easily do this job through its remote control system.

gas ducted heating systems

gas ducted heating systems

Suitable for all Weather

It becomes a challenge for the reverse cycling systems to heat up the interiors when the temperature actually drops outside, however in case of ducted systems the system operates seamlessly with no intervention with the dropping temperature outside. This helps you not only to acquire a warm interior even in coldest of temperature but it also saves energy as well. Apart from that, you can also find some reverse cycle gas ducted heating system in the market which is known as ducted heating and cooling system. So you can use them as a heater during winter and similarly you can use them as an air conditioner during summer.

Instant Heating

The mechanism of gas ducted heating systems is highly advantageous in order to obtain instant heating. After turning on the heat exchanger, the circulator fans start and spread the heated gas through the ducts and get released in different rooms and zones. Therefore, you just need to switch on a single button to get your entire house warmed up instantly.

However, according to the Australian Gas Association, gas ducted systems do not produce dry air, thus it is not irritating for eyes. Besides, since the ducted system generated air is comparatively moist it is also more suitable for those with asthma or breathing difficulties.