Are you planning to build property for your grandparents? If you have an extra space on your property, then it will be easy to plan. Otherwise, you need to make the selection minutely. You need to consider land dimension along with vegetation and other factors to determine the exact flat plan.

Get Inspiration Regarding Granny Flat Plans

Inspiration plays a vital role in every sector of our lives. Similarly, in order to get an accurate granny flat plans, you will get an idea from the following:

Virtual Online Places – The Internet is at present flooded with a plethora of information. It has been regarded among highly rated virtual places from where you may fetch any type of information. Instagram and Pinterest will provide you with creative ideas regarding granny flat. The availability of a large number of designs from all over the globe will strike your mind.

You may expect to fetch an abundant number of solutions regarding:

  • Floor layout
  • Exterior and interior appearance
  • Whimsical to fairytale styles

Even the images from Google will provide you with exclusive ideas. Taking ideas from online sites will let you get the best without spending bucks.


Granny Flat

Websites of Professional Contractors – As a computer savvy, paying a visit to websites of contractors will be another innovative step regarding granny flat plans. Ranging from 1 BHK home – 2BHK dwellings along with an attached balcony and garage, you will get the best idea. It is advisable to go through each and every plan in detail. It will give you an overall exposure to the plan along with the cost. Finally, you will be in a favorable position to figure out the best for a dazzling outcome.

Latest Editions of Magazines – You may also go through latest editions of magazines authored by reputed professional architects. After going through a gigantic collection of latest and highly creative designs, you may go with any suitable one. You may go for either online or physical version. You will learn how to make your granny flat a place to live.

Things to Consider Prior Building Granny Flat in Backyard


Granny Flat Design

Granny flats will serve as a wonderful addition to an existing property. A self-contained home extension built on the same plot of the main home. It is better to include granny flat plans on your property to keep your beloved grandparents with you.

Rather than going for random building up of the project, it is recommended to carry on some research for avoiding pitfalls. Before building a granny flat into your backyard, keep the following things in consideration:

Checking Out for Enough Space – Checking out for enough space is the first and foremost essential step prior building a granny flat. It is better to hire a professional architect and stay tuned with him to carry on the following activities:

  • Measuring of the area
  • Drawing of a sketch
  • Carrying out measurement from boundaries

In addition, you need to seek certain council regulations at the time of extending your construction.

Seeking Certain Council Regulations – There exist separate regulations at the time of building and planning at the time of extending the property. Similarly, before building up of a granny flat into your backyard it will be better to undergo council regulations. You need to talk to the building and planning departments. Such a gigantic step will prevent you from unnecessary chaos.

Finally, you need to choose a reliable granny flat design company to get your project done. Better to study the website prior finalizing the deal. A mixture of your creativity along with expert idea will finally lead towards something exclusive.