You don’t want to get out of your blanket again this winter? Completely understandable! It may be freezing outside. However, a great solution to your problems is ducted heating. It can heat your home before your feet hit the floor in the morning! Moreover, you can even choose which rooms to heat. Hence, you would not be wasting your hard-earned money or damaging the environment.

ducted heating

How does it work?

In this heating method, the system draws in cold air and sends it to the heating unit. This heating unit is the central and most vital part of this heating. There, it heats the air and sends it to different rooms of your house via insulated ducts.

The insulation ensures that no heat is lost and does not allow it to escape in an undesired fashion. In other words, it improves the efficiency of the heating system. Also, it has grills and vents for recirculating air. Additionally, it has a thermostat to send feedback and heat your room to the required temperature. The system is generally installed outside the house or on the roof. Then, it circulates the heated air using ducts.

Advantages Of Ducted Heating

In addition to heating your home beautifully, this system offers several advantages:

  • Affordable: When you think about affordability, there are many factors you need to consider. While the installation costs are moderate, you end up saving more than you anticipate with this heating system. It has an impressively low running cost. Hence, in the long run, it proves to be quite affordable.
  • Easy Installation: Being uncomplicated, you can have the installation of this heating system completed in one day. You would not have to wait an entire week before using your new heating system. Moreover, you would not have to monitor the mechanics installing it for days at a time.
  • Good For Allergies: In case you or someone in your home has allergies, ducted heating can be helpful. It has filters that remove dust and some allergy-causing substances. Additionally, you can control the temperature and set it to a temperature that suits you best. Hence, this system is a plus for anyone with breathing issues.
  • Aesthetic: Installed outside your home, this system would never ruin the charm of your home. The only parts that would be visible are its grills. These grills are designed to be unobtrusive. Moreover, it makes the least noise when compared to other heating systems. Thus, it is a visually pleasing and comforting option.
  • Disadvantages Of Ducted Heating: As with anything else, this heating method is not all pluses. It has some disadvantages associated with it. You should keep these in mind before settling for this type of heating:
  • Uneven Temperature: Since this system uses ducts, the temperature near the outlets is higher than in other areas. It can add a little discomfort to your overall experience.
  • Low efficiency: The efficiency of this system is lower especially when compared to other, more expensive options. This is mainly because hot air can escape through cracks.
  • Safety: While this heating system will not generally cause fire because there is no flame involved, regular safety checks are still essential. This system uses gas to heat your home which can be dangerous if not maintained properly. It must be checked for Carbon Monoxide. This compound is damaging in small amounts and can be lethal if inhaled in high amounts.

Also, do not hang any clothes or clothing materials near the heating system. It does not matter how cold it is outside or how urgently you need those clothes. Hanging them near the heater can cause combustion.


With its range of advantages and some disadvantages, you might be ready to make ducted heating your home heating system. Once you have decided, you must take the help of qualified professionals to help and maintain the system. Also remember to perform safety and quality checks on a regular basis.