What is Composite Decking?

The environment is degrading day by day because of human activities, it is highly important to adopt eco-friendly methods. this is one of the major reasons why homeowners are shifting to composite decking suppliers. Composite decks are mostly made out of wood waste, plastic which is recycled and other kinds of fillers.

Composite deck suppliers often make it a point that this is a much more economical and ecofriendly option for making decks. There are different patterns and colors in composite decking, and they can even be decorated with rails on the side. Rails can be made out of wood, or if you want a classy look, you can opt for glass, but composite decking suppliers often put emphasis on how good stainless-steel wiring looks on composite decks.

The wood used, usually needs a lot of maintenance. Unlike them, the composite decking suppliers have been saying that these woods do not need much maintenance like staining and sanding. Washing it from time to time with soap and water will do the work. Composite decking will keep you guilt free, also when it comes to saving the environment. A lot of waste plastic is used for making composite decking which otherwise might have been used to fill lands. Composite decking comes with longevity, with so many great pros why one would even think of going for wood.


Why Choose this over Normal Wood?

Different Types of Deck Designs in case of Composite Decking:

  1. The contemporary look: The contemporary style emphasizes on the beauty of minimalism. They usually have a modern design which may have basic shapes and clean-cut lines. It’s popular nowadays and is best when made out of composite materials. Steel railings maybe added on to the side for a finished look.
  2. The colonial look: As the name suggest, this is bit of a classical look. Some people prefer architecture which is classical in nature, maybe having symmetrical designs. Railings with post caps are the definitive features of such decks. People even add benches and boxes to keep plants and pergolas as some statement pieces to make the deck look even more vintage.
  3. The traditional look: Decks have always been a traditional thing and maybe the cottage styled ones is considered as traditional. They have chamfered and even octagon corners so that the sharp corners and edges are softened. This design also has rail caps on them. Traditional style decks can be made out of composite materials too, just change the color you want it to have and you are good to go.
  4. The mountainous look: If you are planning to build a cabin, the woods you want to make a deck on it, then this design is perhaps for you. Even though timber is mostly used for doing these. Composite decking suppliers have been trying to make mountain look decks using composite materials too. They are study and bigger than other decks.
  5. The costal look: The coastal decks suit best the houses which have a sea view. If you want to recreate your space and make it look like a cute holiday spot, use some grey colored composite decking with beautiful white colored railings and your work is done. The low maintenance materials are so sturdy that they can easily cope up with the harsh weather conditions and withstand the test of time all year long.


Composite decking suppliers are ready to give a guarantee about this product and you should try using these. They give great results and make you happy for doing your bit for the environment.