Panel radiator is a machine that provides warmth in the room. The machine is neither noisy nor it is risky. Thin pieces of metals are used to design the machine so that water can flow freely. Another feature is that the radiators do not take much space but provide good amount of surface area. The materials used to manufacture the panel radiators are either steel or aluminum. In comparison to traditional radiators, the panel ones work at low temperature.

Features of Panel Radiators

Panel radiators have many features, which are as follows

Material used to manufacture radiators

The radiators are mostly manufactured using steel sheets but cast iron and aluminum can also be used for the purpose. Because of slow heating, cast iron is not used. However, aluminum is expensive but heats rapidly.

Thickness of steel

A customer must be aware of the fact that thickness of the steel matters the most when the need to buy a panel radiator arise. The thickness of the steel in a good radiator is 1.5mm. If the thickness is less, then pressure heating needs to be installed.

Weight of the Radiator

The quality of a radiator depends on its weight, which is based on the thickness of the steel used to manufacture it.

Warranty provided by the manufacturer

A high-quality radiator has a long-term warranty. This also proves that the manufacturer has a good stock of the product. If the warranty period is short, it can be considered that the radiator is of a low quality.

Maintenance is easy

Servicing of radiators is easy, as the parts can be easily detached and then can be attached again. The service provider can easily remove dust, dirt, and other unnecessary things. Regular servicing and maintenance will increase the life of the radiator.

Benefits of Panel radiators

Panel Radiators have many benefits, which are described here.


Space saving

The panel radiators are compact in size and do not take much space when they are installed. They are light in weight and can be easily fixed on ceilings and walls.

Can be touched without any harm

The panels do not get heated to high temperature, so they are safe to touch. The panel radiator can be used for multiple purposes. People can install them in bathroom and install towel racks to dry the towels. They can be used near kids and pets in order to keep them warm in the cold season. As the temperature is not much high, so people should not worry that the children or pets will get burnt.

Gives modern look to the house

Panel radiators are available with modern look, as their finishes and designs are modern. The product is available in solid sheet design and segmented design. The design can be customized as per the architectural features of the house.

Adjustment is easy

The thermostats in the radiators are adjustable and people can adjust the temperature according to the requirement of the room and its residents.

Heat output is good

The heat emission from a flat radiator is of good enough to keep the warmth. The emission of heat depends on the model of the radiator. Low quality radiators generate heat of 100 BTU while high quality can generate heat up to 4900 BTU.

Can be oriented horizontally or vertically

The radiators can be installed horizontally or vertical as per the available space. There are some radiators that can be blended with the walls, as well.


Panel radiators are easy-to-use equipment that can be used to warm the room. They are safe to use and can be installed easily. People can install them horizontally or vertically and can use it for variety of purposes.