COVID-19 has reshaped the job landscape in the US. Americans are increasingly embracing flexible work styles. A 2022 McKinsey and Ipsos survey says that 35% of respondents can work from home full-time and another 23% can work from home 4 days a week. This is one of the top reasons why homeowners wish to renovate their space to make it as comfortable, unique and enjoyable as possible. A perfect addition would be a pre-cut or pre-built indoor sauna which is easier to set up than a shower! It can relieve stress, boost blood circulation, relax your mind and control blood pressure. The warm quiet ambience is a perfect getaway to stimulate endorphin release too.

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Driven by the pandemic, over 57% of Americans report wellness as a priority in these testing times. Incorporating design elements like an ideal ceiling height (7 inches), water spigots, venting, insulation, benching and flooring can assure you of a luxurious affair. A sauna is a classic fix that can be installed in as little as one day. But you will have to follow a few rules for a mess-free successful venture. Here’s a look.

1. Set the Mood

Create an atmosphere different from the usual. Mix and match materials like mosaic tiles for the ceiling and Rose Quartz for the floor to add ‘character’ to the room. Add glass walls for a view, use white cedar or pine wood for the interior and aesthetic bulbs for a glow. Aspen, Spruce and Eucalyptus are other choices known for high performance and durability. Direct and dimly lit spaces can help reap the benefits of Chromatherapy. A toasty ambience along with pillows, candles and aroma sprays can be a perfect haven for relaxation.

2. Useful Additions

A sauna alone can offer a bunch of benefits. But you may maximize the experience by adding a few effective fixtures like a shower for a quick post-sweat rinse. Tuck in a small unit of a walk-in closet for added privacy and removing clutter. A bathroom would be a fantastic idea to change, clean yourself and come smelling fresh and rejuvenated. A steam room with frosted glass panels can be considered for overall health and wellness.

Look for accessories like buckets and ladles, headrests and backrests, bath brushes and vapor barriers. Keep soaps, body balms and peppermint fragrances handy. Furniture like a laid-back lounge chair, portable jacuzzi and inground tubs are perfect for a personal oasis.

3. Cool Down Spot

The baseline temperature of a typical adult is anywhere between 97°F and 99°F and depends upon your gender, activity levels and menstrual cycle stage. Higher temperatures come with dehydration risks. It is even more dangerous since 75% of Americans are anyway chronically dehydrated. Even losing 1.5% of body water can show up in the form of headaches and heat strokes. So, cap your time to 15 to 20 minutes only. Follow this by hopping into a pool house or plunge pool to calm down. This can prevent dizziness and vertigo while ensuring a stable heart rate for a healthy sauna session at home.

4. Electrical Needs

The electricity input must be reliable to reach the desired temperature. It mainly depends on the size of the sauna and the stove that decides the cable needed to power. The amperage drawn on a traditional heater is usually 30-60 AMPs depending on the size. The 1-2 people saunas work on a standard 15 AMPs. It may be as high as 80-100 AMPs as well. About 220-240 volts will be required and should be hard-wired to the electrical box.

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If the sauna comes with an 8kW heater, it will need a 40 AMP breaker and 8/2 wire. You can consider high-quality wood which is thick enough to provide sufficient insulation. Hire an experienced electrician to avoid tripping the breaker. Avoid plugging any other device like patio lights, appliances or garage circuits into the outlet since it is specially designed for a sauna.

An in-house sauna cuts down the drive and wait time. It is a one-time investment that helps you refresh yourself from the comfort of your home. Work with a reputed sauna company that can provide a comprehensive kit for the best experience.