Sharing your home with furry friends keeps you happier and stress-free. But having pets equals embracing hair and muddy paws prints. You might also have to deal with dirt and debris that come in after a walk. About 85 million American families (67%) own some kind of pet, according to the 2019–2020 National Pet Owners Survey. Further, over 23 million American households, which is close to one in five, adopted a cat or dog since the beginning of the COVID crisis. They have zero risks of them getting rehomed once the shelter-in-place is completely lifted and we get back to pre-pandemic activities.

So, it would be a good idea to look at a few smart tactics to keep your home clean. Most of the tips are time and cost-effective. But it can leave your space spotless. You are also less likely to experience odor and keep everyone safe and healthy. Read on.


Go for Vinyl Flooring

A pet is quite a long-term commitment. So, you can consider replacing your existing floor with vinyl tiles. These have exceptional strength and durability and are 100% pet-proof. It also offers excellent water-resistant features. This is quite helpful to keep the floor from getting damaged by spills. You can pick different looks like stone, hardwood or ceramic finished with great natural colors and textures.

Well Ventilate Your Home

We love the scent of our pets! But pee and saliva odor can linger on furniture and carpeted flooring. Further, wax build-up in ears and sweat can get smelly too. The good news is that sufficient air can kill bacteria and fungi and leave the ambience all fresh. This is an easy and expense-free effective way of deodorizing. Keep the doors and windows open as much as possible. This will naturally reduce allergens and multiple kinds of air-borne germs. You can also invest in air purifiers.

Groom Your Pets

This is a little obvious since brushing regularly can remove dirt and loose hair. Try to give them a bath at least once a week if not more. This will keep the house free of smells. Wash their paws and nails after every walk. All of these can ensure clean floors, couches, and beds. Pets are more prone to shedding in summer. So, trim their fur and de-shed them often. It can also protect everyone at home from allergies like coughing, wheezing, sneezing and runny nose along with skin reactions. Use lint rollers on surfaces, if required.

Spot Cleaners

Adopt a regular floor cleaning routine. Pay attention to corners where pets tend to release themselves often. Clean around the food and water bowls by picking up treat titbits. Attend to their messes ASAP to keep them from drying up. This can leave behind stains and unpleasant smells. Or else, put absorbent pads and mats to keep the floor protected. You can also get special wipes that are meant to clean pet dirt without scrubbing too hard.

An extra round of dusting, strong floor cleaners with non-toxic ingredients and flea control from time to time are also useful. These are budget-friendly and can avoid both indoor and outdoor litter. Make sure to cut their nails frequently to avoid scratches on upholstery.