Here’s how you can relieve your homeowner’s anxiety

The saying “Home is where the heart” could not be more true regarding home maintenance. Why? Because the price of home repairs and maintenance could cause a heart attack more often than not. But the price of maintenance is not the only thing that causes homeowners’ anxiety to rise.

According to Thumbtack, more than 68% of homeowners feel overwhelmed and stressed in maintaining their homes. Let’s take a close look at why so many homeowners are stressed in the face of the repairs their property may require and what can be done to relieve that anxiety.

#1. Why are homeowners stressed?

For most property owners, a home is their greatest asset. Understandably, some major stress will be involved when it comes to maintaining and growing your asset. Plus, your property is where you sleep at night, put a family to bed, make treasured memories, and celebrate with loved ones while finding refuge from the difficult parts of life. There is no denying that owning a home is a deeply personal thing.

First-time homeowners feel significant anxiety when it comes to looking after their homes. This number reaches 81% of first-time owners, according to Thumbtack. The primary reason why? Because most people are under budgeting when it comes to home repairs, which average out at about $5000 per year. 53% of homeowners’ regret stems from not budgeting for the repairs their home will need.

Owning a home has been the American Dream for decades, but no one tells potential buyers about the sheer number of home repairs, and maintenance property will require.
Homeowners are also stressed about how to fix something when it breaks, how much time and effort it takes to care for a home, and not being able to afford emergency repairs.

Thumbtack’s survey on what stresses homeowners about their homes shows that a third of homeowners share these feelings. And they have good reason to be worried about these issues too.

# The costs only rise when a repair job is put off

According to Thumbtack, real estate agents will commonly list a well-maintained home for 10% more than a home in average condition, and it will sell at that price. On average, well-maintained home in the United States will sell for an increased value of $44,000.

But 10% in higher-end markets like San Francisco could net $130,000 more than the home’s value, while homes in Austin can net $55,000 more. A well-maintained home delivers back a lot of value to any homeowner when they are ready to sell.

Critical home repairs should not be called off. Unfortunately, when one appliance breaks, it can quickly lead to a snowball effect of emergency repairs and unpredictable expenses. It is far more expensive to fork out huge sums of money to deal with emergencies than to continuously repair and maintain a home.

# How to solve homeowners’ anxiety

Owning a home often be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way every day when you keep up with the repairs and maintenance around the house.

When it comes to home maintenance, it’s the little things that count. For example, regular gutter cleaning will prevent your gutters from becoming clogged and overflowing when it rains.

Because something like a simple and relatively inexpensive gutter cleaning will have far-reaching effects on the stability and safety of your home, gutters prevent water from running off your roof when it rains and pooling around your foundation.

You might think: “What’s the harm in a little water?” Water that doesn’t drain away from your home’s foundation puts the entire foundation at risk. Hydrostatic pressure cracks will appear and cause your home to move. Plus, issues like mold and vermin can become a major issue that will degrade the value of your home.

Feel overwhelmed by the time and effort it takes to maintain your home? Call in the professionals. A home requires a proactive investment of your time, money, and energy. We will take our cars to the professionals for a regal service, make a regular appointment to see a dentist every year and schedule annual checkups with our doctors to ensure no issues with our bodies. Why would you do any different with the upkeep of your home?

Expert guidance from professionals regarding maintaining your home can put your mind at rest as a homeowner. The best way to mitigate homeowners’ anxiety is to be aware of the costs, time, and effort home maintenance requires before buying a home.