Plumbing problems are something that occurs either suddenly or sometimes due to reasons which are neglected or overlooked for a long time. Whatever the reason is, these problems are irritating and create a mess in your house, taking a lot of time from your day.

However, undetected or neglected plumbing issues could lead to major problems like leakages, bursting of pipes, blockages, etc. Sometimes, many people try out DIY methods to quick fix plumbing issues, but they generally are not that effective and don’t last long. So, if you find some lingering problems with your water supply or drainage even after DIY attempts, do not wait further to call for a plumber.

Plumbing issues like leaking wastage of water or contamination should also be solved because as we all know demand for fresh water in the world is increasing day by day and the supply is reducing. So, in every respect of plumbing issues, you should solve them immediately by hiring a plumber.

A few common issues when you must contact a plumbing expert:

1. Water blockage

Whether it’s the toilet or the drainage pipeline, sometimes unseen blockages lead to water gushing back whenever you flush or pour water into the drainage line or toilet. It is quite an irritating situation when you find dirty water in the toilet gushing back even after so many flushes. This could also be the same with other appliances, like while you do laundry and find the draining water to gush out and flood in your bathroom, laundry room, etc.

This could potentially indicate a blockage in the sewer pipeline and access which requires either digging feet below the ground or detecting the right spot around the entire line, etc. For toilet blockage, the potential reason can be a clog in its drainage system, and to fix it call for a plumbing professional.

2. Interrupted Water Supply

In some places during winter especially in hilly areas, frozen pipes could be a reason for interrupted water supply. Apart from that common issues behind no water supply could be major leaks, backups, etc. which can be detected only by a plumbing expert. Sometimes leakages could be major, interrupting not only the free-flowing water supply but even damaging your property.

3. No Hot Water

Well, a hot water supply issue could be a problem regarding your heating system but, it can be an issue with your plumbing system as well. Many a time hard water leaves behind a tough layer of sedimentation which restricts and creates insulation that bars the water from getting heated.

Apart from that, electrical problems, corrosion, or leakage in the water heater tank could also be major threats, barring water from getting heated sufficiently.

However, these are issues when it is not always ideal to try out DIY methods for it could lead to permanently damaging the heater and risky for you, instead call for a plumber.

4. Odor in Water

Detecting a foul smell or odor in water from the tap could indicate a blockage with something that has got rotten in the pipeline somewhere. It is not only like the blockage could be somewhere near the tap, but it could be anywhere in the pipeline outside as well. Sometimes, in underground pipelines, the roots of trees or sedimentation get rotten, creating a foul smell in the water.

5. Slow Drainage or Low Water Pressure

Poor water pressure could be a potential indication of a building problem which could later lead to the top of water finally. However, instead of waiting for the showdown, you must call for a plumber. It is not always sedimentation but there could be other reasons behind poor water force.

6. Dripping Faucets

According to research a faucet or shower drips only 10 times a minute and wastes 500 gallons of water per year. Well with the furiously rising demand for fresh water and supply, it is indeed a serious issue even though it might seem a small problem or no problem at all. Instead of wasting so much water, it is rather better to call for a professional plumber immediately and fix the issue and save water for the future and better life tomorrow.


Make a smart move today and keep the contact of a nearby plumber or two, ready around the corner of your contacts for any sudden problem with plumbing.