It is no doubt blocked drains are common in every part of the world. Things can go quite tedious when it comes to fixing clogged drain issues. Blocked drains are the root cause of a minor problem that becomes a significant issue.

Here is a complete basic to advance guide to fixing a blocked drain and enhancing home décor. Read on to know further to have a complete understanding.

Type of Blocked Drains to Know About 

Blocked drains can be seen in different types, occurring in many plumbing systems. Many kinds of blocked drains not only stop your water flow, but they can also cause corrosion and improper savage system.

1) Food Waste: Food waste is a prevalent type of blocked drain. Food waste leads to blocked drains when it’s wasted or thrown improperly. Food waste blocks your pipe, leading to a blocked drain problem.

2) Blocked Sewer: Sewers are mainly designed and assigned to remove all the waste from your area. Many types of things can cause blocked sewer, such as tree roots, foreign objects, Misalignment of underground drainage, Collapse between pipes, and Downward slope soil settlement.

3) Cooking or Fat Oil: Cooking or any fat oil should not be thrown down into the pipe. These oils are responsible for causing clog to the soil pores and reducing effectiveness in filtering water flows. 

4) Soap, Hair and other Small Products: Soap, hair, and other small products can build up and cause blocked drains. Mainly showers and baths are easily blocked by soaps and hairs, and these can knot and attach themselves by parts of the drain flow system. Be sure to throw these products carefully.  

5) Blocked Gutters: Gutters can be blocked easily; a blocked gutter can be blocked after a long time due to not cleaning it properly and throwing unwanted waste into it. When trees or vegetation are over the gutters, this can increase the chance of block.  

Signs of Blocked Drains 

1) Slow Draining: Slow draining is a primary sign of blocked drains. When the water flow of the drain doesn’t move slowly, it leads to a blocked drain. 

2) Overflowing: Overflowing happens when there is weak water flow and jam inside the drainage system. This is a common sign of blocked drains. 

Fixing a Blocked Drain – Here are Points to Note 

  • Ensure that no food or unwanted waste is thrown into the sewer system. Some big-sized food or unwanted waste weakens your drainage flows. 
  • Do not put any fat oil into the gutters. Fat oils can block thewater flow of your drainage system, and throwing fat oils regularly leads to blocked drainage issues further. 
  • Get an inspection from a professional and experienced plumber. A professional and skilled plumber can easily fix your blocked drainage issue and take your hometo the next level. 
  • Make sure that there are no tree roots inside the pipes, which can slow down the drainage system. This problem mainly happens in the outdoor drainage system. 
  • Use a drain strainer that will prevent small objects from your drains.
  • Use boiling water;boiling water is very useful to fix your blocked drainage. Boiling water has an extremely high temperature and low melting point, making the water flow smoothly. 
  • Maintenance of pipes; If you regularly maintain your pipe and do service.  


At the end of the day, you should never overlook any faulty drainage system at your place, if any. In need, you should not hesitate to hire a professional plumber to fix your blocked drains issue.