Drains are an essential part of any house, office, or apartment. The drains also require proper maintenance. If we do not maintain our drains properly, we put them at the risk of getting blocked. Even after proper maintenance and service there often comes times wherein our drains are totally blocked. Blocked drains can come anytime when you are pitching an important scheme in your office to your investors or when you have overnight guest at your house or even in the middle of house party. There are no permanent measures to solve the problems of blocked drains. However, there are certain ways through which we can prevent clogging in drains.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Here is a list of ways we could follow to prevent blocked drains:

#1. Checking the installation

The first and foremost step should be to check up on the installation of the pipe, which leads to main drain. This step is important, as it is necessary to check if the pipe is placed at the right angle or not. If the pipe fails to be placed at the right angle this could lead to blocked drains. Hence, we should check out the installation of the pipe and drain correctly. If the pipe is wrongly placed or at the wrong angle we should call the professionals immediately to have it fixed.

#2. Install mesh screens

One of the best ways to ensure that the drain is free from substances like food particles, hair, waste, etc. is to install a mesh screen, which would collect these articles and not let them go down the drain. This will help you in situations of blocked drains where you could just remove the mesh screen and dump the waste into a garbage disposal.

#3. Do not let grease pour down

This is major tip to follow to avoid blocked drains. Most of the times, it is seen that the drains are blocked or clogged due to the grease, which has solidified on the inside edges of the pipe. This solidified grease is hard to remove. Hence, we should stick to not pouring down grease through the drains, as it would eventually lead to blocked drains. When the hot grease is poured down the drains, they stick to inner edges of the pipe, which cause a thick layer of grease coating when cool and do not allow the water to escape the drain. Therefore, avoid pouring down grease at any cost.

You can prevent blocked drains by few ways. However, sometimes, nothing is effective and blocked drains just happen. This could be for various reasons and you cannot help it at all. In such cases, you could either use a plunger and/or an auger a drain snake to clean out clogging. You could also use the various bacterial cleaners available in the market to get rid of blocked drains. Hence, avoiding blocked drains permanently is not an option for anyone but preventing them is something we can work on. It is better to take preventive measures beforehand rather than dealing with the cumbersome situation.

Therefore, to work towards preventing blocked drains here is a list of a few things, which people should never dump down the drain.

  • Grease, fat, or leftover oil from your night cooking
  • Gums – do not throw it down the drains, as they are difficult to get off and can cause a great deal of problems.
  • Tampons, maxi pads, and other female hygiene products – often it is seen that people dump these products down the drain, which leads to a blocked drain. We should understand that the drain could not handle such solid waste, as it is not dustbin.