Roller shutters are put on windows and doors of all kinds of residential, commercial as well as industrial buildings. Made out of metal like aluminum or steel, these shutters can be used to keep away dust, noise and light from entering the space. Installing security roller shutters on the doors and windows, you can secure and protect your home from theft, intrusion and bad weather.

security roller shutters

Security Roller Shutters

Kinds of roller shutters you can have

The roller shutters can be installed by professionals who measure the relevant dimensions of the windows and doors before the installation. The shutters have clean lines and available in different colors. You can make your home look good inside and out and also protect it from break-ins with these security roller shutters. Based on the operations they can be of the following type:

Manual: As the name suggests such shutters operate manually with the help of some kind of handle. You need to push the handle up or down to open or close the shutter. You can find different kinds of shutters under this category to suit your needs. The manual shutters with cranks for medium sizes and straps for small windows are very popular for the residential purposes.

Motorized or Electrical: There is motor installed in the roller to open or close the shutters by using a remote control. The motor can run either with electrical connection or with batteries. The batteries can be recharged at regular interval to work without any problem. There are many advantages of getting automatic operating roller shutters. They are:

  • You can simply push a button and the shutters can go up or come down on their own. You do not have to do the hard work with these kinds of roller shutters.
  • You do not need to move from one place to open or close the shutter as it can be done from one point.
  • Some companies offer many features like automatic settings where there is a guaranteed opening and closing of shutters on time.
  • The shutters cannot be tampered easily and can resist high force from outside.

There are some storm roller shutters that are designed to protect the space from hurricane or storm. These are strong and highly durable to resist strong winds and gale from entering the house.

Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Advantages of roller shutters

  • Protection from break-in: As the name suggests, the security roller shutters offer high protection from any kind of intrusion. The shutters are very closely fitted which makes it very difficult for the robber or any intruder to remove it. It is also not very easy to pull the shutter from the door or window. Hence the chance of breaking into the house is very less when you have such roller shutters.
  • Protection from weather: Along with the protection from dust, from outside, the roller shutters are ideal to keep away the impact of bad weather. It does not let the hail, rain or storm to damage the interiors of the house. It is so strong that it can deflect the branches and other things from breaking the glass. Thus, you can protect your house and keep the indoors clean.
  • Privacy and light control: You can now control the level of privacy you need in the house with the roller shutters. Once the shutters are closed, no outsider can peep into the room. You can control the amount of light you need inside the house with them.
  • Energy saving: The roller shutters can keep the indoor temperature controlled by keeping away the heat and cold from outside. You not only enjoy the comfortable indoors but also save energy up to 64%.
  • Noise control: If you are living near the main road or highway, installing roller shutters can help you live peacefully by reducing the noise coming from outside.