What if the balcony of the house is located above the seating room? It may look extremely beautiful however during the raining season the leakage of water from the top can wreak havoc on the room at the downstairs. There can be umpteen reasons for the leakage however, it is important to take precautions so that the flow of water is blocked and further damages averted to the home. If you do not do the waterproofing balcony then you cannot claim any insurance on your property damage in future. According to the insurance norms, any company is liable to pay the damage or repairing cost done by any natural disasters, but if the property does not have waterproofing balcony and rooftop then the company shall not provide any claim on this property. So, it is suggested to do the construction waterproofing balcony to save your property now.

balcony waterproofing

Construction Waterproofing

How would you do the waterproofing balcony?

Filling the tiled area:

If the balcony floor is made of tiles, it becomes vulnerable to wear and tear due to sustained usage. The gap and the cracks are evident however you can always fill them with grouts to prevent the water from seeping through. Prior to accomplishing the task, one should also verify whether the concrete beneath is fine because maintain the tile would do not good if the substrate is facing the moisture issue.

Removing the tiled area:

Removal of tiles would go a long way in accomplishing Balcony Waterproofing task successfully. Homeowners should not attempt to do the job on their own because professionals do removal and installation of the tiles. As a customer, you can take multiple quotations from different vendors. They are in the best position to identify the problem and take steps that would help to remove the moisture from the balcony floor.

Checking the drainage facility:

  • Construction of the house is efficient if the drainage system provides a safe outlet for the water. All the moisture is eliminated from the house resulting in the expulsion of molds as well as mild dew.
  • Homeowners can also check the substrate to notice the traces of wear and tear. If cracks are visible, you should either call the professionals or use DIY technique to use the grout. It will not allow the water to trickle down the floor. Without dampness, the structure of the house would remain unaffected even in the adverse weather conditions.
rooftop waterproofing

Construction Waterproofing

Symptoms of efflorescence: restore your balcony now

  • One of the most important factors that must be considered is efflorescence in the balcony. It is, in fact, the build-up of the salt around the edges of the balcony. The phenomenon occurs due to persistent leakage of water
  • To prevent the occurrence of the problem, you can always use the standard waterproofing techniques. They would go a long way in resolving the problem in an impeccable manner.
  • Usage of penetrating water repellent is one of the best possible options to block the flow of liquid. It is an important step that can help to maintain the flooring of the balcony without any hassles. Although grout is known to cover the cracks, it is also prone to breakage within a certain period of time.

If you are not aware of the waterproofing options, do not hesitate to contact the experts for advice and suggestion. You can always call the plumber and get the drainage pipes repaired before the water from the balcony starts seeping through the walls. Moreover, one may also like to use isolated screeds to create an effective substrate for preventing the water flow.