If you have just moved into your new home then it is quite obvious that everything has been furnished and is quite brand new. But one of the most important things about getting a new home is to make sure that you put on a dry treat stone sealer products around things that are prone to degradation over time, one of them being the natural stones that you can find on the kitchen countertops of your home.

How to Choose Stone Sealer Products when you have Multiple Options?

Most experts tend to have the same opinion and that is you should always seal any kind of stone however there are those who think that there is no need to seal natural stone. One of the simple tests to determine whether or not stone is porous is to drop a few drops of water and see how long it takes for the stone to absorb it all. Actually the whole work of dry treat sealers is used to seal porous surfaces, including stone, tile paving, concrete and even grout.

Why would you Seal the Stone?

Now the question comes whether or not you should seal the stone. If you want a simple answer then yes for maximum durability experts always recommends that you do seal stones of any kind. One of the things you should however remember is that if you do have a non-porous stone that needs to be sealed then buy a small bottle of dry treat stone sealer products.

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Factors you should Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Stone Sealer

There are several factors which should be considered before you decide to buy the right kind of stone sealer.

  1. Type of Stone: Most of the stones that are available in the market now-a-days have a layer of resin over them in order to increase their durability and strength. The absorption rate of a stone is known as the absorption co-efficient and plays a big role in understanding the kind of sealer you would need for your stone. A polished marble has a lesser absorption co-efficient as compared to granite.
  2. Finish: The finish that you get to find on a certain stone is a big factor in affecting the absorption co-efficient. A stone that has a polished surface will definitely have a less absorbency rate than a flamed finish. You can opt for invisible sealers that maintain the look and slip-resistant surface of your floors and prevents any kind of slip or fall. This also prevents the floor from stain and damage, and also in case there is any graffiti on the floor.
  3. Location: The place where the stone is located will help you determine which dry treat stone sealer products to use for it. If you want to seal the kitchen floor you would have to use a sealer which will protect the stones from both water and oil spills.
  4. Maintenance: It is quite important to also take into consideration how exactly the stone is maintained. A stone which is well maintained will not have any dirt or grim in the nooks and corners. You would not want to spend tons of money on a highly priced dry treat stone sealer products only to not maintain it properly at the end. There are no special cleaning agents and cleaning liquids required. It can stand up to household cleaning chemicals and products.

As a homeowner you should always hire a professional to seal the stone. Hiring a professional has many pros, one of them being before applying the sealer they will make sure to clean the surface thoroughly since you would not want to seal away the dirt and grime with the stone.