Glass is an inevitable part of building construction since medieval period. The shiny appearance of glass is used on the doors, windows, skylights and arcades of large buildings. Different kinds of glasses are used for building arcades, which make them stable yet attractive. Many commercial buildings are also marked with glazing arcadia made with textured and coloured glasses. This glass covered arcades and partitions have many advantages that encourage even the modern individuals to opt for such traditional options. People find these glass structures to be successful in rendering amazing looks to the buildings. Let’s know more about these arcade options.

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Prime advantages of adding glazing arcadia to buildings:

#1. Allows natural light:

When the arches or arcades of a building are made of thick glass, more sunlight can enter through those transparent structures. So there is lesser need of switching on the electric lights during daytime, resulting in saving energy and money on bills. The natural shine of the glazing arcadia makes the place brighter and more clearly visible without using any artificial lighting.

#2. Imparts aesthetic beauty:

The use of glass arcades can change the entire look of a building and make it more attractive for the onlookers. Now, many commercial buildings, including shopping malls, use coloured glasses with interesting paintings to form beautiful glazing arcadia. Various natural scenes and animations are portrayed through these glass paintings, which attract the customers instantly. Such glasses are also used to form large frameless doors at the crowded business centres. Some companies also print their names or logos on the front glass doors of their offices using this option.

#3. Helps in increasing productivity:

When glass partitions are installed around the cubicles of office staff, they can see their colleagues and seniors clearly while working. Thus, their spirit of working may be elevated by watching others putting in more effort in their tasks. Moreover, the soundproof glasses used for making these partitions prevent the entry of distracting noises into these cubicles. So, people can work peacefully without any disturbances, thus increasing their productivity.

#4. Prevents forceful entry of burglars:

Many buildings use thick and laminated glass that cannot be broken easily. Moreover, these glasses get shattered with huge cracking sound, if anyone attempts to make small holes for getting unwanted entry. Thus, the property of the owners remains more secured with the installation of such hard glasses on the doors and glazing arcadia of properties.

#5. Makes layout changes easier:

The extensive use of glass partitions provides the freedom of changing the entire layout of the place, whenever needed. It is very expensive to break and rebuild brick walls for partitioning different sections of the house or office. On the contrary, the glass doors, walls and the glazing arcadia can be easily dislodged, shifted and installed elsewhere, as per the new structural design of the building. Thus, the owners can save a lot of money while renovating their building at any time.

#6. Cleans easily:

As highly durable glasses are used for making the partitions, doors, windows and arcades, only regular wiping with a duster or soft cloth is sufficient for keeping it clean. Since accumulation of dust and dirt may hamper the visibility of these glass structures, occasional cleaning with a suitable cleaning solution may be advised as well.


There are some companies that have acquired expertise in making glazing arcadia and other glass structures in the buildings of their clients. You can also decide to install them in your building and gain all the benefits that they have to offer. Make sure that the installers are professional experts, and the materials used are authentic and sturdy enough to last long.