When you come to the part when you need to carry out the decoration in the remodelling process, you think to yourself – okay, that’s it, I’ve come to the end. Well, not so much! Even though decoration is the final phase of any remodelling project, it is the cherry on top of the cake, it must be done carefully and without any rushing. You want it to be perfectly comfortable and feel like home and still not cost you a small treasure, especially if you already have little money left from the budget.

To help you out in your planning endeavour, here are the top 4 home décor ideas you can use that will bring life into your home and bring you closer to nature as well as ideas that are not expensive at all. These have worked wonders, especially for small places that don’t allow big and attention-stealing elements to feel like they are overcrowding the space and making functionality suffer for the likes of beauty.

#1. Let All the Natural Light in

The cheapest solution for having a well-illuminated home is to invite all the natural light in. This means opening the space as much as you can if you plan on changing the window treatments and choosing sheer curtains. Also, you can choose from the vast range of blinds that are designed so that they welcome the sunlight in your home. All in all, use every hole and opening to let lights in and you will notice immediately how everything is brighter.

Also, you can use some tricks when it comes to natural lighting. For example, you can place mirrors on critical points in houses where they can reflect the natural light and shine it through the room. Or, you can paint the walls in white or undertones of white with bursts of yellow to replicate the feel when the sun is shining.

#2. Add Small Potted Plants on Shelves

Yes, shelves are usually for books, goods and chattels, but what if I told you that instead of having them be just of decorative nature you can transform them into being functional as well? It is possible to do so if you arrange small potted plants like succulents or other small-size plants on the shelves that not only will make the space livelier but also will bring a plethora of health benefits inside the house.

The air quality will be improved, hence your productivity and concentration will be increased. Plants in the house can reduce stress levels and better your mood. Plus, they are very easy to maintain and take care for – they won’t waste a lot of your time. Finally, they are not expensive – you can buy species with extra prices (even though there are some exotic ones that might cost you a small fortune, but for starters you can go with the cheap ones and if you grow to love the idea of living with plants in the home you can explore your options later).

#3. Buy on Sales or Second Hand Decorations

You would be amazed to know how many people are selling decorative elements literally for a few dollars – why not use this opportunity? Second hand sales are very common and there are even websites where you can browse, look and pick your decorations for as long as you like. There are also garage sales where people are hurrying to sell their possessions due to moving to a new home.

Or, if you feel like you don’t want to buy items that have already been used, then you can follow the sales of stores that are selling decorations online or in their physical stores. When the sign SALE is up, it is time to shop!

#4. Use Digital Advantages before Buying Decorations

One last tip that has proven to be one of the best and most used services out there is the use of virtual staging. It is a service usually used by real estate agents to digitally transform the rooms from empty to fully furnished ones only by using software. The idea is to offer a glimpse into the potential of the home to potential homebuyers. However, the versatility of this service has proven to be very efficient since you can use it to decorate the place the way you like it and even see several options how they would play out – so that, in the end, you can choose the option you like the most and go with it.

By hiring a stager to do the digital decoration you can get a lot of staging ideas for living room or any other room you want decorated. It is far cheaper than hiring an interior designer to help you out, plus you get to be the only one who has a say how things will be arranged in your home.