Natural wooden flooring was preferred by the people in past however it is now being replaced with engineered flooring. There are many advantages of using such floors apart from similar appearance.

Engineered Flooring

Engineered Flooring

#1. Real Wood:

After installation, the texture is quite similar to the natural version. Therefore, if you like the old school theme, the new variety can still impart classical theme to the home. It is an amazing option for the homeowners who want the durability of the floors at a reasonable cost. In fact, engineering involves the processing of the wood to make it more suitable for long-term usage.

#2. Expansion and Contraction:

Unlike the solid wood, the engineered version doesn’t expand or contract quickly. It can easily survive in different weather conditions. In other words, whether it is hot or humid, the present category of the wood delivers sterling results to the users. One of the best uses of the wood is too place them in the kitchen and bathroom areas as they are prone to be moist most of the year.

#3. Durability is the Name of The Game:

Wood is an epitome of durability as it is combined with the layers of plywood stacked one over the other. Presence of so many layers ensures high shock absorption capacity of the surface. Therefore, even in case of higher footfalls, the flooring doesn’t crumble and stands like a rock. Due to the use of new technology, the engineered version is far better than its natural counterpart.

#4. Perfect for Sanding Process:

One of the most important advantages of such a material is that it is perfect for sanding process. It is quite easy with the new category and ensures that the material stands the test of time. Sanding process is based on the thickness of the top layer; therefore, the plywood strength would determine the frequency.

#5. Refinishing:

Finishing is exquisite; therefore, the flooring looks good and lasts long… While selecting the wood, make sure that it is sourced from a reputed vendor or else you might end up with a substandard product.



#6. Diverse Range:

There are many manufacturers in the market providing a diverse range of engineered flooring options to the users. What more, you can select any one of them according to the requirements and specifications. Prior to installation, select the flooring design and ensure that it synchronizes with the surrounding ambiance.

The texture of the floor is the deciding factor in the final selection process. Chevron and Parquet appearance combine to deliver sterling results to the users. They are quite useful for the flooring and do not get faded over time.

#7. Resistant:

Once the wood is processed, it becomes resistant to humidity and heat. In fact, installing the flooring inside the house is quite easy. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to accomplish the task. If you want your basements to be sturdy and sound, use the engineered options.

Stapling and gluing are essential to impart strength to the materials. One of the vital facts that must be considered is that the wood exudes the warmth of the highest order. An impressive range of colors, textures and beauty go hand in hand making the wood as best for the money buys in the market.

A thick layer of veneer ensures that the wood is able to bear the force and pressure in an easy and hassle-free manner. You should purchase the stuff only from the reputed dealers as they offer a warranty on the materials. Buying from a down-market store may not be used because you may not get the product of choice.