Is your garage still a work in progress? You are so close to finishing it but you never get around to it because life is getting back to normal. One task you could complete is to finally take care of that unfinished garage.

Garages are often overlooked when home remodelling projects are being carried out. It is understandable that bathrooms and kitchens will come first, however, it is important not to forget the garage. An unfinished garage deserves just as much attention as those other rooms in your home.

Unfinished Garage

Why Is It Time To Complete Your Unfinished Garage?

We have put together a few stats why completing your unfinished garage should be high on any homeowners remodeling priority list.

  • 55% of home owners use their garage as a main entry point to their home.
  • 20% of homeowners cannot park their car in their garage due to the fact it is disorganised.
  • 24% of homeowners are too embarrassed to leave their garage doors open.

Why A Completed Garage Is Better

Most homeowners believe that there is room for improvement when it comes to their garages which is such a shame because most homeowners use their garage as their main entry point to their home. A lot of garages are not used for their primary use, they are used for clutter and therefore don’t have rooms for cars. Garages are the most valuable storage space in a home and need to be organised to fit both cars and storage equipment.

An unfinished garage is a blank canvas and is just waiting for some creative input to produce something beautiful that is also practical. Here are the main reasons why completing a garage will make your life easier on the eyes and also make it well worth the investment.

Keep Your Garage Up To Date

Garages have been around for 100s of years and in the past how it looked didn’t really matter. Over the past few years the dynamic of garages has changed drastically. A lot of homes are left with unfinished garages when the builder constructs a house but is it fair to call a house finished if the garage isn’t complete. Now-a-days a garage truly is an extension of a home and should be treated as so. It’s amazing that we have waited so long to update this space.

Most people may have an unfinished garage but why settle for a mediocre space, when it is such a large part of your home. The value of transforming your garage into a functional room which complements and extends the rest of your home. This is being realised more and more by homeowners.


Poor use of storage space can cause us to have to rent out storage units when if we just had a clean out we would be able to use the space in my garage. You need to take the time to get rid of junk we hold on to for no reason.

Finished Garages Can Be Used For Whatever You Like

Considering half of the people who own a garage use it as the main entrance to your home it is important to create a nice looking space for that. With the correct model design your garage can become more accommodating for your family, their hobbies and passions.

  • You can add a workshop to store tools
  • You could set up a home gym
  • You could create a showroom for your luxury cars
  • Use your garage as a crafting space
  • Create a space to relax

Your Car Deserves A Proper Home

The main purpose of a garage is to park your car safely, however a lot of people don’t use their garages for this. Getting your garage organised will open up the floor for parking your car and is one of the best things you can do to protect your vehicles.

A Home Storage Solution

Maximising storage space within your home is never easy. Sometimes it can feel like you are in a never ending battle with the clutter, leaving your feeling like the house is always going to be messy. Luckily, with a little bit of careful planning, you can get on top of your mess and regain control over the household. Investing in storage containers can be a great way to do this, simply seal away the clutter and keep the most important items in the home.

Kian Jonas is a marketing expert at Access Garage Doors. Access Garage Doors offer Garage Doors Cardiff.