Looking for an exterior finish which is durable, attractive and innovative? If so, Acrylic rendering is just perfect for you. It is the kind of render which uses acrylic, the type of plastic. Using acrylic makes rendering more flexible and stronger when compared to the traditional rendering mixes. So, the rendering is less likely to crack when the acrylic is used. Acrylic render is easier to apply as you can roll the acrylic, trowel it or just spray onto the surface. You may use two coats of rendering carrying different colors.

Acrylic Rendering Lidcombe

Acrylic Rendering Lidcombe

Acrylic render is best meant for the exterior walls owing to its exceptional durability. Due to the tremendous flexibility, it is less likely to crack. Thus, there is no need to worry about natural contraction or expansion of the home leading to unsightly hairline on the exterior walls.

The Extremely Attractive Acrylic

When compared to other types of rendering, acrylic is an attractive option. You may apply it in a range of colors with finesse. You may either go for concrete or textured finish. Apart from this, acrylic is flexible enough that may be applied to a variety of substrates such as concrete, timber, painted walls, fiber cement. When compared to acrylic, the traditional rendering material could not be applied to all kinds of substrates.

Fast Drying Process

The drying process of acrylic is pretty quick. It just takes a few days to dry whereas the traditional render takes about a month’s time to dry. As the layer underneath the material gets a scope to breathe, the drying is faster and healthier. The water-resistant surface also does not succumb to fungi.

Why is Acrylic Rendering Chosen Above Other Renderings?

When there are bright sunlight and intense heat, the surface of the rendering can crack or split. This totally sabotages the look of the exterior walls while it also exposes the underneath materials. Acrylic is the protective coating or sealing coat to prevent dampness that would lead to moss build up. When dampness does not get soaked by the walls, there will not be any damage due to dampness. When you use acrylic for exteriors, your walls are saved from the wind, water, and sunlight. Acrylic is a perfect choice for homeowners as it looks fantastic and is as versatile. Acrylic or plastic material for rendering makes it flexible and crack-resistant. Acrylic render can be used on a variety of substrates and is a preferred alternative for rendering.

Choosing the Best Acrylic Rendering Professional

If you want to go for acrylic rendering, you may choose professionals such as bricklayers, plasterers, specialist renderers to carry out the task. Ensure that the rendering professional is licensed, qualified and insured. The chosen professional must be expert in acrylic rendering. You must check out the samples done by the expert. It will be good if you can take references and get in touch with the past clients. It is crucial to take up a price quote in advance so that there are no future surprises. When choosing a contractor, ask him a set of questions to judge his abilities and professionalism.

Hire Experts in The Field

To make sure your exteriors look fabulous, choose an expert for the rendering work. He must be experienced, should use the right equipment and needs to offer you more options in rendering.

Acrylic Rendering Lidcombe

Acrylic Rendering Lidcombe

When you complete the rendering work on your property, you will not want your property to appear like others. Choose a professional who can check with more options and color choices. He must be able to rectify any problem in the structure before starting the job.