In today’s world air conditioner is no more a luxury, it is a basic need. And when you are redecorating or renovating your home, it is wiser to go for the ducted split system instead of normal split air condition. As normal split, AC will cost you comparatively less, but will only serve one room, and also there will not be any zones. You only can cool the room or warm it, but you cannot cool one room and warm another one at the same time, with the same system. So Ducted split air-condition system comes to the rescue. Ducted split air conditioner can be zoned anywhere in the house so that you can set the temperature by yourself and also you will get cooling everywhere in the house.

How to Install a Ducted Split System in Your House?

Cover Up Your Valuables: The installers will anyway carry drop sheets to cover up your floor and walls. But they will be drilling the ceiling and wall that will cause the loose plaster to accumulate on your valuable furniture and other stuff. So, it is better to cover them up beforehand.

Select the Place of The Outdoor Unit: The ducted split system also comes with an outdoor unit but will be bigger than the normal ones in size. Generally, as the name suggests, it should be placed in the outdoor area of your house away from the kitchen and bedroom so that you will not face any problem with its fan sound and other issues.

Decide the Place from You Want to Control: The controller will allow you to set multiple climate zones in the same house at the same time. Put the controller area somewhere really accessible to everyone, and to keep it away from children, place it a bit higher.

daikin ducted split system installations

The Inspection Stage: 3-4 installers will come depending on the complexity of the installation. They will inspect the roof ceiling well to point out which will be the best places for indoor units, ventilation pipes and also the outdoor unit. They will have a thorough discussion with the owner in regard to this matter. The Daikin ducted split installation system will require a thorough inspection must.

Get the Indoor Units into The Roof: Using drill machines, you have to make a whole in the roof and make space for the indoor machine unit and then with the help of screws you have to hang the indoor unit to wall. Also, the return air grille is cut for the upcoming stages. The indoor unit will be dismantled into three parts to get it fit i.e. the air mixing plenum, the fan coil, and the fan deck. The mixing plenum allows the fresh air to be ventilated. Also helps the exhaust air to be passed through the exile pipe. The ducted system designer will make everything fit in the cavity itself.

Make Sure of The Drainage

Place the Outdoor Unit: The outdoor unit shall be placed according to the installer’s suggestion and the owner’s decision. Then the refrigeration pipe and electric connector will be connected to the indoor unit. Also, a power line will be connected from a switchboard.

Fit the Air Diffusers and Air Ducts: Holes will be made to fit the air diffusers and then get them fitted. Also, the air ducts will be laid from your dining to bedrooms, and wherever you want according to your choice. It should also connect back to the mixing plenum in the indoor units. The return air ducts are connected from the indoor units to return air box over the grille. The installers from Daikin ducted split installation system will make the best way for the duct pipes.

Connect with The Wall Controller: The wall controller should be connected with the zone motors and indoor units through cables which completes the whole installation process. Daikin ducted split installation system is something you can rely on completely.

To get a wonderful experience of a full climate control air conditioning system, that too with zone control, you can completely rely on Daikin ducted split installation system. They guarantee you your comfort.