Natural latex mattresses are considered to be one of the healthiest mattresses as they contain an organic element called latex. Latex is produced from the sap of rubber tree. Nowadays, majority of bed mattresses are made from chemical substances such as, foam, gel, etc. which respond to your body temperature. So, if you want to avoid coming in contact with those chemicals, then latex mattress is an ideal choice for you. Basically, there are three types of latex foam mattresses, natural latex mattress, blended latex mattress, and 100% synthetic latex mattress. In fact, natural latex is processed rubber tree sap. These mattresses are hard to find since they are expensive and long-lasting (lasts for more than 15 years).

Natural Latex Mattress is highly beneficial for preventing back pain. These mattresses are highly durable and healthy for your body. Moreover, these mattresses are customizable so you can find the best sleeping solution that meets your needs. Latex is flexible and is manufactured in wide varieties, ranging from harvested botanical latex to synthetic latex. The material’s flexibility, durability, and comfort have already gained high level of consumer satisfaction.

Advantages of Natural Latex Mattress

  • Comfort: For comfortable and sound sleep, you need a pressure relief surface and a perfect support for your spine. Due to adaptability of natural latex, it meets the sleeping needs of every individual. With several layers, natural latex mattress can be designed to offer soft, firm, medium, or range of different feeling. Unlike other materials, latex instantly responds when the pressure is off. This indicates you’re completely supported when you change your sleeping position.
  • Durability: A top quality latex mattress can last for more than 15 years if we take proper care of it. Even though natural latex is highly expensive, it will be a wise long-term investment. Natural latex bed lasts as long as 2 or 3 traditional mattresses, while retaining shape, softness, and magnificent resilience.
  • Health Benefits: While durability is a good perk, sleeping on natural latex has a lot more to do with your health. You can avail many “healthy side-effects” by sleeping on natural latex mattress. Natural latex is inherently hypoallergenic as it’s not a derivative of any chemical substance. It is a botanical product; this botanical property prevents the bacteria and microbes from harboring. Since the mattress is not made up of chemicals, natural latex beds do not produce any odor. Most importantly, natural latex helps to keep your spine aligned all night long this prevents potential spine problems. Other than back pain, these beds are great choice for arthritis sufferers, sports injuries, and more. Overall, it is a perfect blend of comfort and support.
  • Customizable: Two processes can produce Natural latex; natural Talay latex is the lighter form of latex foam whereas Dunlop latex is the denser form of latex foam. Highly durable mattresses are made using Dunlop latex with an additional layer of Talay latex. Talay latex is the comfortable top-most layer while Dunlop latex provides support. The best part is that, since the natural latex mattress is such an expensive mattress, you can customize these mattresses according to your preferences. You could either have all Talay latex or you can have Dunlop latex.
  • Climate Control: Natural latex has open cell structure that allows free movement of air. This makes you feel warm during winter and cool in summer. If you feel hot on memory foam then the natural latex bedding may be the option for you that will help you have peaceful sleep.
  • Organic Material: 100% natural latex mattress is naturally produced. Latex is produced from organically grown rubber trees. Rubber-wood is one of the most preferred furniture woods according to the Sustainable furnishing council. If the mattresses are topped with other organic substances then you’ll be sleeping on largely organic mattress.

Therefore, natural latex mattress are highly durable and comfortable giving you a good night sleep. They are adjustable as per the climatic condition and do not have any side effects on your health, as they are natural organic product.