Few years back, the construction industry went gaga over the existence of asbestos. Thanks to its natural occurrence, versatility and fire-proof properties, asbestos began to be used across roofs, flooring and so much more. However, over the recent years, the construction industry is slowly winding around the use of asbestos, thanks to the many hazards it brings within its folds. Removing asbestos roof tiles is the most important thing you might be dealing with if you happen to have those on your roof.

As per research and the latest studies, removing asbestos roof tiles is even more a priority in homes with the material, because it is believed that even handling of asbestos can cause heath issues. In fact, studies reveal how handlings of asbestos can cause issues such as cancer or even pulmonary disorders. The industry and relevant authorities have now banned the use of asbestos on a wide scale. This makes removing asbestos roof tiles the need of the hour. However, no matter what you read, attempting asbestos roof tiles removal on a DIY basis is a strict no. Removing asbestos roof tiles has suddenly become so important because asbestos roofs are being largely deemed unsafe for the environment. Do note that asbestos roof tiles are not purely asbestos though. These are made from a mix of cement and asbestos.

How Urgently to Go in for Removal?

While the hullabaloo over removing asbestos roof tiles is too loud, you need to know that asbestos roof tiles are not dangerous per se. In the maximum number of cases, asbestos tiles for roofs come with no health hazards associated. The fibres that are within the asbestos’ body are help up in place using the cement. However, the danger arises when deterioration sets in on the tiles.  Therefore, any abrasion of the asbestos tiles can also cause issues that can be potentially hazardous for the residents too. It is this reason that you need to identify if you have any roof tiles at all that are made from asbestos. The process of removing asbestos roof tiles needs to be done if the tiles are old and damaged in any way.

A Health Check

If the relevant local authority performs a check and approves the health of your existing roof tiles that are asbestos based, you can safely stay along with those. There will be no need for removing asbestos roof tiles needed on an immediate basis. The rules for approval vary as per authority in question. You need to check up locally to be sure your asbestos roof tile health is in order.

Removing Asbestos Roof Tiles


A Costly Affair?

This brings into context the question of how much removing asbestos roof tiles costs. The costs again vary greatly, and it depends on the area covered as well as the configuration. It is suggested that you hire the right asbestos roof tiles removal company after you talk about the exact scope of your work. There could be charges even openly for inspection. Therefore, you must be sure what services include a free survey, right at the outset.

Doing it the Right Way

While some might tell you that there is nothing illegal in removing asbestos roof tiles yourself, you need to avoid doing this because the mechanism and the tools available with expert companies can never be available with an individual. There are licensed contractors available in your area who can take up the job expertly. Asbestos disposal is another concern that only the experienced handlers can deal with. With so much work at hand, it is better to relegate the job of removing asbestos roof tiles to the right company around you.