Once you have decided to invest in blinds, it is advisable to consider what types of blinds you are looking for, the budget and the difference between the different blinds available. Here we talk about cafe blinds d their features. These blinds are made of tinted or clear PVC material. This style of blind offers a barrier against insects and also dust and wind. Talking about shade binds, you need to be aware that these tend to block glare and sun to a larger extent as compared to the PVC blinds, and you can have a whole lot of materials for choosing for your cafe blinds.

Cafe Blinds

Cafe Blinds

Characteristics of Cafe Blinds:

Some of the major characteristics of these cafe blinds are as follows.

  • Rolling down the cafe blinds you might find some of these more wrinkled than the others. This tends to flatten off after a certain amount of time depending on the amount of sun received.
  • Cafe blinds, made of PVC expand and contract according to the changing weather and the temperature

In case these blinds are rolled when wet, you find white frosty lines on them when they are rolled down again. This gets sorted out after around five days. For any outdoor use, you can modulate the movement of the cafe blinds according to the size and material of the blinds. These blinds come as manual ones, and also as motorized versions. You can choose the best one to save your monthly utility bills, by blocking out the sunrays.

Practical Use and Aesthetic Appeal:

Look for cafe blinds which can complement your home. Blinds can enhance the looks of any home only if chosen in the right manner. An earthy tone of these cafe blinds can work well for homes which have wooden floorings.

You also need to consider the choice between the automated blinds and the manual blinds. This depends largely on your convenience and your budget. You find that these cafe blinds are available in different thickness. You can choose a blind which is made up of only a thick layer of PVC or probably opt for the one which is made of two thin layers of PVC. Extruded PVC offers a better clarity, spending a wee bit more and opting for quality is any time a better choice.

Cafe Blinds

Cafe Blinds


Deciding on a budget before you conduct a search for the cafe blinds works better as there are multiple choices available in different qualities, styles and designs. High quality blinds are dust, heat and sound-resistant so their prices also differ accordingly.

Maintenance of Cafe Blinds:

To ensure that the cafe blinds chosen last for a long period of time you need to ensure that they are maintained in the right manner. Here are few tips for the maintenance of these blinds:

  • Use a soft bristled brush to brush off the dust from both the sides of the blinds.
  • Remove the cafe blinds immediately if you find bird dropping or any other dust or dirt on the bind slats. For a bird dropping, you can leave a moist cloth on that spot for some time and then wash this with clean water. This is required to avoid discoloration and deterioration of the cafe blind.
  • Ensure that the cafe blinds are absolutely dry before you retract them.

You can ask around for reputed manufacturers of these cafe blinds or even conduct an online search. There are different types of blinds available in the market, and you can choose from aluminum, wooden or steel blinds to get the best longevity for your windows. You can also customize the blinds depending on the size of your windows, and also as per your budget.