The screens that cover windows using horizontal slats are commonly known as the venetian screens. They are held up by cords and can be raised, lowered, or tilted comfortably to make adjustments, as and when necessary. They are originally from a city in Italy, and the ones that are made of wood are famously known as timber venetian blinds. Over a period of time, they diversified into many sizes, shapes, materials and fabrics.

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Timber Venetian Blinds

Why Timber for Blinds?

Wood has a natural look and feel, and there is no shortage of choices for the talented decorative artists who design contemporary homes and office spaces.  The material is easy to maintain, and there are many choices in terms of finishes and decorating patterns. The timber venetian blinds offer the following advantages in interior decor –

  • Hardwood timber can be flexibly lacquered, stained, or oiled, and there are many practical applications that benefit lighting control and durable service. Since they can be operated both manually and with the help of a remote control system, they are the popular home decoration choices among homeowners.
  • Colour coordinated options have also increased in recent times, and the decorators combine light palettes, dark hues, and coordinate the tassels, accessories, and cords.
  • The material absorbs paint in an efficient manner, and it is strongly resistant to peeling, twisting, cracking, wear and tear.

Advantages of Wood Styles in Venetian Blinds

Wooden architecture and design models can make the creative juices flow, and decor experts vouch by their safety, malleability, and variety. Have a look at the various benefits that can be accrued by careful and resourceful use of the modern timber venetian blinds-

  • Steel, aluminium, and other materials appear strong, but wood actually dries and becomes much stronger due to thermal effects.
  • Warmth and coolness inside the home and office are more efficiently maintained by the wooden screens as compared to the seemingly more robust substances.
  • The wooden frames are cost effective and there is definite advantage in terms of the savings in electricity bills and construction or installation costs.
timber venetian blinds melbourne

Timber Venetian Blinds

High Quality Timber Is Not Prone To Climatic Variations

  • The flexibility of the timber facilitates personalized designs, and the natural quality improves the aesthetics, artistic appearance, and versatility of the home decor.
  • The insulation offered by wood is excellent, and the choices in grain, color, textures, hues, and appearance are diverse for furniture, ceilings, walls, and flooring.
  • The finishing and polishing options also make timber irreplaceable for many creative artists who cherish the tasks of waxing, polishing, varnishing, and painting in attractive colors.
  • The hardness and tensile strength makes the window blinds easy to maintain and the repairs can also be performed in an accurate and fast manner.
  • Above all, a Timber venetian blind does not rust and the shades look natural and sound even to an untrained customer’s eye.

Smart Shade Choices for Venetian Blinds made of Wood

With development of economic models and market freedom, Consumers have wide ranging choices in any product, and the furnishings, furniture, and shades are no different in this aspect. Choose the top quality timber venetian blinds on the basis of following suggestions-

  • The best shades perform the important tasks of assured privacy and light control.
  • Choose the appropriate size, shape, narrowness, and width for the stylish screens.
  • Go for the contemporary or classical look based on the overall decor of the room.
  • Shades in contrast to blinds cover the light completely and suit the top of windows.

Now there are many online home and lifestyle stores from where you can customize the design of the timber blinds, and get them according to the interior decoration and according to your budget.