Did you know that a burglar will strike every 30 seconds?! It is for this exact reason why home security should be your number one priority. We want to help you ensure that your home, family and personal belongings are all safe from intruders which is why we have put together a list of all of the top ways you can ensure that your home is completely safe and secure from intruders.

Your Front Door

Your front door is the main entrance to your home, family and belongings. Ensuring that your front door is secure should be your first priority. Composite doors are a popular choice of door amongst homeowners due to their strength and competitive price. They are extremely strong and durable which is why they are a homeowners number one choice.

If you find yourself searching the internet for composite doors Walsall you have come to the right place! Chase Garage Doors can help improve your home security and keep your family safe and sound from any intruders.

composite doors


If an intruder is unable to get through your front door the next place they are very likely to go to is the windows. It is important that before moving into a new home you check that all of the windows are working properly as sometimes they can be left faulty which can leave new homeowners vulnerable to break ins.

If you don’t like your windows looking bulky with latches, you can always opt for reinforced windows with security glass, installing glass break sensors or you can even get creative and plant prickly bushes below windows to stop intruders being able to get to them. If you do this please ensure to keep them maintained as this could affect the kerb appeal of your home.

Light It Up

It may sound very obvious but burglars want to keep their identity a secret and what is the best way of preventing this? Security lights. Place security lights around the back and front of your property as well as around the sides, near any windows too.

You may also want to consider having a few near the garage too, as normally expensive items such as cars, garden and sports equipment are left in the garage. You can get motion action lights, solar powered lights, smart lights that you can pop on a timer or even get smart light bulbs.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are extremely popular for households as they can act as a deterrent and a means to get justice should a burglary take place. Security cameras are usually part of an entire home security system or you can just get security cameras on their own as a stand alone product the choice is completely yours.

We would always recommend getting security cameras that can link up to a mobile app, this allows you to see any footage in real time should you ever need to take it to the police. Other features you may want to consider include motion detection, night vision, wifi capabilities and weatherproof casing for cameras especially in the United Kingdom.

Your Garden

Gravel is a fantastic deterrent for burglars as it stops them from getting close to the home without making some sort of noise altering the people in the house.

Keep your hedges trimmed so your property can always be looked at by trustworthy neighbours and if you do have hedges make sure they have thorns so that any intruders are unable to hide in them. You could always install fences too, however height is important here since you don’t want anyone to simply jump over.

If you have bought anything new recently, get rid of all of the packing and do not leave them outside as this could be a green light for intruders as they will know what they want inside your home and will give them an idea of the value of your possessions as a whole, which is not what we want.

We would also suggest having padlocks for shed doors too as there is usually valuable items in those too such as a lawnmower for example.

So, What Actually Puts Off Burglars?

In a recent survey created by Which.com it showed that the top 5 things that put off burglaries are having alarm systems, having a dog at home, people in the property, CCTV cameras and outdoor lighting.

These are just a few of the main ways in which you can keep your home secure. We would always recommend speaking to an expert to make sure your home is as safe as can be but we hope that we have given you some food for thought.