Drain blockage is a issue that frightens everyone. Even if we take the best care with our drainage system, things might go wrong sometimes. Food particles and other objects sometime enters the drainage system and start getting accumulated by mixing with oil and grease. Therefore, clearing blocked drains is indeed an important part of our lives. It’s just like washing plates, cleaning bathroom and every other repetitive works.

If we see any signs of a blocked drain, we should respond quickly to it no matter how small the problem is. If we overlook it, we will end up in a condition that is terrible, stinky, and messy.

Some Procedures Of Clearing Blocked Drains

If the blocked drain is remained unattended, they may create an exceedingly unsanitary atmosphere and disturb your house by creating leaks as well as burst pipelines. If you have decided to do it on your own, you might be clearing blocked drains easily with these seven tips.

Blocked Drains

Boiling Water:

Just pour a pot of boiling water down any clogged drain. This procedure is ideal

for basic and tiny drains that only require a light cleaning of grease accumulation. Boiling water should only be used on metallic or ceramic pipelines. If you use it on PVC, it will break or melt. This process is very environment-friendly as it does not require any chemicals for clearing blocked drains process is wonderful for our environment.

Baking Soda As Well As Vinegar:

This is an excellent method for naturally clearing blocked drain inside the cooking area or toilet sink. Begin by pouring steaming hot liquid down the pipe, followed by half cup of sodium bicarbonate. Allow that to settle for another few moments.

After that, add a combination of one cup vinegar plus 1 cup hot water. Cover your drain using a stopper for five to ten minutes to allow the solution to interact with the substances blocking the drain. Finish by rinsing the basin with boiling heated water once again.


Cup plungers are an effective non-chemical sink de-clogger. To begin, block the overflowing drain using tapes or a moist towel. Cover the second outlet in a dual sink to provide enough pressure. By pushing a plunger upward and downward over a draining hole, significant air-based pressure has been created that displaces the obstacles.

Even pressing a vacant milk carton above that sinkhole can result in powerful air stream. For clearing blocked drains, utilize a flange or perhaps a bathroom plunger. Wax and mineral remains may not react well to plunging. Therefore, you need to apply separate methods for clearing these particular substances.

Drain Snake Used By Plumbers:

The ‘Eel,’ often known as a plumber’s snakes, can be used to clear clogs at the entrance of a blocked drain. Whenever the tool rotates, other sharp-tipped coils at the base of the cable as well as chops away all the blocking obstacles. This has a broader reach than a portable drain digger and is easier to use because it is controlled by professional plumber for clearing blocked drains.

CCTV Camera For Sewer Inspection:

CCTV sewer monitoring cameras are indeed an excellent plumbing tool for detecting damaged and clogged pipes. This camera is hooked to a wire loop and moved through pipes, allowing for real-time examination and identifying the issue.

Water Jet With Strong Pressure:

Even the most stubborn clogs may be moved with hydro sprays or high intensity water jets. Because the pressure is so great, only the professional plumbers can operate the apparatus. The spray jet’s high pressure may smash tree branches and other obstructions out from the route.


A serious obstruction may necessitate the use of such plumber to excavate the area surrounding the line, remove clogs, repair damages, and then reinstall the pipeline and backfill. Ancient clay pipelines can fracture and collapse, necessitating the excavation and replacement of the whole pipe to eliminate the obstruction.


Drains can get blocked for various reasons. While several are apparent, others might not be easy to find out. therefore, if you think the situation is not manageable with home remedies, always look for the professional services for clearing blocked drains.