If you are willing to give a brand new look to your house through an inexpensive idea, carpets are what you need to pick for it. They are cheap and come in plethora of vibrant colors which make them a great choice for remodeling them or buy a new one. Irrespective of whether you bought a new home or have been living in it for a long time, carpets can really spice things up. They are cost effective. Rugs and carpets are made from natural fibre only require a regular vacuuming or an annual deep cleaning is all that it takes to keep your carpets looking great!

Sisal floor rugs

With various colour options including different shades starting from dark to light to bright, sisal floor rugs can make a place look more open. They have remarkable sustainability when preferred to be manufactured in natural fibres like sea grass.

Coir rugs

Made from the rough outer husk of a coconut. Coir rugs can be used as a medium of keeping dirt and dust away from entering a house. Doormats can play an important role in telling people a lot about your personality.

 Cat lovers

Coir rugs can have interesting messages on its surface like ‘beware my house may smell like cat pee’ or something like ‘get prepared to get covered in cat fur’. Such messages are funny and catchy and portrays a good humor of an owner. If you have a cat and a good humor you can select your own discovered quote and we will deliver it at your doorstep to make it look even more beautiful!


This world consists of many loners and we have something for you too. We are well aware of your needs and wants and know that all you care about is to be left alone. They can go with carpet messages like ‘go away’ or ‘sorry I am busy’. This will help them having their lone time and will not hinder your creativity.

Friendly neighbor

For the social people who love to talk and attend gatherings. They can go for mats that proclaim things like ‘you are welcome’ or ‘happy to have you’.

Lots of people also like to write their names on their coir rugs or doormats which reflects the high amount of self love.

Coir mats

Coir mats are sustained from harsh fibre of coconut shells. The fibre has a rough and spiky texture, making them great substance for outside use. These mats can sustain a lot of harsh weather conditions and last for a longer period of time making them much favorable for the use on porches or doorways. On the other side they have rough texture that can be quite harsh on households with babies and pets. It can also not stand sunlight as it loses its color or fades away. However, if you are looking for a perfect doormat there is hardly any alternative to coir mats.

Jute carpet

Jute carpets can be a great option if you want to change the look of your room. Juxtaposing the colour style of jute carpets with geometrical designs create playful and eye-catching design. You can glam up your dining area with subtle colors in summer and spring. One can go for traditional as well as trendy designs with some ecstatic shades of colour. is a supplier of nature based rugs and carpets in Australia. They have a huge variety of natural carpets and mats for your house to add up the warmth of your house. You can customize your designs and get them printed on any natural carpet as per your choice.