You may be wondering what the specialties in solid plastering and the benefits are that you can have if you invest on such plastering. Ideally, any plastering job involves preparing a surface and making it smooth for the painting job. When you opt for solid plastering by the professionals you will have a surface that is well protected from weathering and at the same time it will provide the walls with a superior insulating cover. You will also have a surface that can be cleaned easily, hygienic and hard wearing. It will give the wall a proper waterproofing and most importantly you can be most creative and add a wide variety of designs and decorative finishes on the surface.
Solid Plastering

Solid Plastering

Jobs of A Solid Plastering Professional

You must know that solid plastering is suitable for small domestic buildings as well as large commercial properties. The solid plasterers are now having a handful of jobs with the increase in demand and popularity of solid plastering among property owners. The professional must do a lot of job with relation to solid plastering which can be enumerated as follows:

  • Level up and straighten the corners and angles of wall surfaces and ceiling
  • Prepare a clean surface
  • Use mechanical hammers to make it rough
  • Stapling frames of wire-mesh to these surfaces
  • Mix and apply coats of plaster, cement, render or any comparable materials to ceilings and walls
  • Use trowels to smoothen and level the surface
  • Add plaster coats to ensure a smoother finish
  • Render exterior walls and molds
  • Erect required scaffolding

The Benefits Enjoyed

The solid plastering process has several benefits and some of it is as follows.

  • Acoustic benefits – Solid rendering provides perfect soundproofing of your room which is essentially required if you are creating a music room.
  • Weatherproofing – This is another major benefit of this process and your walls and ceiling will be free from any mold formation and accumulation. In addition to it you will be able to prevent moisture damage on the walls.
  • Fire resistance – Another major benefit that will safeguard your house from fire destruction and your walls will be in accordance with the required fire safety regulations and guidelines.
  • Smoothness – You can have a smooth and streamlined surface that can be painted anytime.
  • Durability – This process will increase the lifespan of the surface due to its exceedingly high durability.
  • Better aesthetics – Your rooms will look beautiful with the spectacular finish by adding the right kind of paints on the plaster which as it is looks perfect and smooth in its natural condition.
  • Better ambience – You can create a better ambience for your room with such plastering as these are very versatile and can easily adapt with the architectural shaping and details even on the curves and corners.
Solid Plastering

Solid Plastering

Solid Plastering Versus Dry Wall

You must know that solid plastering is far better than Drywall and there are various ways in which it is done. The appearance of the room is better as with this process you can sidestep the presence of seams and nail pops. Apart from that, plaster is capable to resist white ants and any others that usually damage drywall or Gyprock as it is most commonly known.  Plaster is a far more durable and can last for even 100 years if it is of good quality. It is not susceptible to molds and it cannot be easily dented, punctured or scratched like drywall. In short, all the benefits that you can enjoy from plaster are lacking in the drywall and therefore you should always avoid drywall if you want to increase the value of your property.