It is neither a big issue, nor an uncommon incident for the drains to get blocked after sometimes. This happens in every household or commercial places, but getting rid of this is not a big deal. However, there are specific ways by which one can deal with such clogs very quickly. Some are traditional ways, and some are professional ways for the Cleaning Process of Blocked Drains.

Two Most Popular Process to Clean Blocked Drains

Cleaning clogs by hand is one of the easiest ways to use some chemistry, with low maintenance and easily performable.

  • Drain Cleansers 

Drain Cleansers can be bought at shops, which have effective features to unclog the drains, and the flow of water would be starting again.

  • Lubricants

As the name suggests, the nature of lubricants must be only oily and slippery. It will gradually release the friction between the surface and the matter of clogs. After applying lubricants, we can get rid of problems within an hour or more. This process can also be carried out with the help of hot water or / and petroleum jelly.

Process To Clean Blocked Drains with Traditional Methods 

Drains clogs can occur anywhere, like at sinks and pipes. Traditional methods serve as the best option when one desires to get rid of problems within a few hours and the easiest ways. Some of them are listed below.

  • Use Hand with Gloves 

It is a fundamental process where we can use our fingers to unclog. Simply trying to make a hole in the clogged area will make it easy for the water to pass away. After that, clean the gloves and your hands thoroughly.

  • Using A Coat Hanger

Usage of Coat Hanger as Cleaning Process of Blocked Drains can be tried to unclog the hard material causing the blocks. You need to twist the part that hangs and insert it into the pipe. It can clear it if there are any food particles or something like that stuck.

  • Use A Plunger 

Using a plunger can also be a great idea. The plunger creates suction and helps the matter to move within.

  • Baking Soda with Vinegar

This will acidify the matter that has caused the clog and the bubbles. As the name suggests, the ingredients for these are also available easily. Putting hot water into the drain will cause the clog to ease down. This is the most straightforward process for the Cleaning Process of Blocked Drains.

  • Boiling Water 

Breaking apart the particles of the clog is necessary. This can be quickly done by using plenty of hot water. You have to use enough boiled water for this Cleaning Process of Blocked Drains; sometimes, we need to use boiled water in large quantities.

Cleaning Process with Professional Equipment 

For the Cleaning Process of Blocked Drains, one can choose the equipment based on the need as well. Moreover, the cleaning process can be lengthy and vary according to the deep clogs.. Some of the professional ways make up the list as follows:

  • Plumbers Snake 

Long rod-like structures can help break down the clog quickly. However, it is only used when the clog is tough. The blockage is removed by the flexibility and efficiency of the snake.

  • Hydro Jetting Method

This works in association with water pressure, and this is a compelling yet professional method. Drain Jetting is a highly successful method as it works on principles of pressure.


The Cleaning Process of Blocked Drains is the usual problem that an individual faces, and eventually, the plumber helps us get rid of it through professional ways. There are various ways of unclogging it.