Before discussing the uses and advantages of suspended slabs, it is important to know what a suspended slab is. These slabs are the one which is usually placed above the ground level and are not directly in touch with the ground surface. The engineers make use of these slabs, especially while building high rise buildings. Also, it can be placed above the walls and you can use suspended slabs before construction the floor.

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What Are the Slabs Made Up Of?

The suspended slabs are made up of the same materials used in the ground floor i.e. steel mesh and concrete material. On hilly grounds, these slabs can be utilized to provide strength and stability on the elevated surfaces. The pre-fabrication of the slab is usually done off the site and the transportation is done by the manufacturers. Some of the slabs have resonating conduits and is therefore known as the hollow core slabs. These hollow-core slabs are used for weight reduction and to facilitate piping and cabling through them. You can use such suspended slabs to hide the plumbing channels and electrical wires. Else you can also use yours for decorative purpose.

Are there any differences?

#1) Suspended slabs getting support from two walls will in general crease in the center, so the slab will get maximum support from the rebar which is placed parallel to it. A section upheld by four dividers will list in the center making two twists, so steelwork is required for the purpose of strength and firmness. The slabs are usually used in double layers.

#2) What is the installation process of suspended slabs?

Pre-construction is essential in case of suspended slabs and the slabs are lifted up by a crane. But before installing such slabs, it is essential that you have sufficient space in your house. After properly setting the slab, the boundaries are plastered for waterproofing and concrete materials.  You must seal such slabs with durable materials, and you can hire professional services to install suspended slabs in your house.

#3) Where are these slabs used?

The suspended slabs are basically used especially in the upper storey in multi-storey buildings. Also it can be used in the hilly surfaces to have a good impact on the ground floor. The main advantages of these slabs are as follows:

  • It can be used at times when other slabs cannot be used, such as steeply sloping terrain.
  • Facilitates accessibility to the areas of underground
  • The installation process is comparatively easy once the wall and the other supports are in place.
  • It is more effective to block noise from the upper floor to reach the down floor.
suspended slabs kew

Why to use suspended slabs for your development?

The main benefits of using suspended slabs for your development can be described as follows:

  • Strength and durability– Compared to the other material used for development of the upper floors, these slabs are one of the best because of its strength and durability. It can bear the extra burden.
  • Used as soundproof material– As compared to the timber frame material, this concrete material is used to block noise from the upper floor. So it acts as soundproofing material and you do not need to install any additional soundproof false ceiling in your rooms.
  • Energy efficiency– This slab can particular adds a separate layer for energy efficiency. This is due to the release and absorption of the thermal mass of the slab which helps in proper cooling, thus making it more energy-efficient.
  • Safety– One of the best things about this concrete is that it doesn’t burn. This is especially essential during emergency conditions like fire.

So now you can search such suspended slabs online and choose the best manufacturer for your home improvement.