Most of the homeowners do not maintain their drainage system on a regular basis until anything goes wrong. Clearing blocked drains can provide various benefits, and you can keep your family safe from bacterial infections.

If you do not clean your drains at regular intervals,, then foul smells, harmful gases, and leakages in your drainage lines will ruin your life and damage your overall building foundation. So, hiring a professional cleaning service for cleaning blocked drains can save your life and property.

Benefits Of Cleaning Blocked Drains:

  1. If you find your sink is overflowing, there must be a blockage in your drainage lines. You can pour hot water mixed with vinegar in your drains to prevent foul smells, but you cannot clean your drains completely with your DIY tools. In this case, you need to hire a professional drain cleaning service. Clogged drains do not only damage your floor and basement, but you can also face some severe issues like clogged toilet. So do not take any risk and choose a professional service providers for cleaning blocked drains.
  2. Chemical buildups can damage your pipelines. If you have metal pipes, your plumbing system can be affected by corrosion, and you need to clean your drains regularly. Avoiding such issues can damage your plumbing system, and you will need to replace your plumbing system with a new one. It will cost you a huge amount. You can keep your plumbing and drainage lines safe by hiring a professional drain cleaning service.
  3. Sometimes, the foul odor that comes out from your blocked drains can spread bacterial infection in your property. Moreover, with foul smell, it becomes impossinle to stay in such unpleasant scenarios. Apart from that, leakages in your drains can damage the walls and floor of your home. In such cases you need to repair your property to remove such dampness. You can hire a drain cleaning service for cleaning blocked drains and keep your home safe.
  4. You cannot deal with several issues with your blocked drains. For example, tree roots can penetrate your underground pipes and damage your sewage system. You need to remove such roots from your pipes and reline your drains. You do not need to excavate your outdoor area to replace your drainage lines, and you can hire a drain cleaning service to reline your old drainage lines with PVC materials.
  5. Apart from that, blocked drain specialists will offer a limited warranty on their services for cleaning blocked drains. This way, you can save your maintenance cost by hiring such specialist. If you find any issue in your drains within this warranty period, you can claim a free service.

DIY Tips For Cleaning Blocked Drains

Some DIY tricks can help you to prevent clogged drains and you can follow the below mentioned tips for the same:

  • Use hot water and vinegar for cleaning blocked drains. You can mix baking soda or vinegar with hot water and pour it into your drains. Leave your drains overnight and clean the drains the following day with plain water. It will remove the stains and foul smells from your drains.
  • You can use a plunger to clean your drains. Try to pull the deposited garbage from your drains with a plunger, but do not push it toward your drains.

Final Words

When it comes to cleaning blocked drains, you can also find some cleaning solutions in your nearest hardware stores, and you can use the same to clean your drains. Also, it is not advised touse any harmful chemicals to clean your drains as they can spread in your water lines and contaminate your water.