With times changing at a very fast pace, wheelchair elevators are no longer considered items to be used only by the famous, the rich and the elderly. There are different varieties and design of these elevators that have come into the market. They are widely being used in homes and offices alike. The lifestyles of people have also changed and this is the reason many homeowners like to buy wheelchair elevators for domestic use.

Wheelchair Elevators

Wheelchair Elevators

Reasons to Go for Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Residential wheelchair lifts are also called platform lifts or vertical lifts. These can easily be installed in the downstairs where they can move vertically across space in the ceiling for reaching the room above. The modern-day wheelchair lifts have fire safety features along with emergency backup mechanisms and are the best choice for homes. Some reasons behind buying wheelchair elevators for domestic use are as follows:


Wheelchair lifts for home use can help in making trips of moving bulky and heavy items or climbing stairs much easier. The functionality of these lifts is noticeable in domestic settings were decorating, groceries and different other activities tend to be a regular occurrence. Easy movement is one of the greatest advantages of using home wheelchair elevators. Simply getting rid of the average legwork of moving throughout your abode or transferring objects from one place to another is an advantage that every homeowner can enjoy.

Home Safety and Security Enhancement

Installing a wheelchair elevator is helpful for small children and adults who tend to be less mobile. These lifts help in eliminating accidents that are likely to take place while going up and down the stairs. There are some residential settings that can also limit the access to elevators thus the products proving to be secure against unauthentic and unauthorised use. So, if you are looking to improve the security of your home, buy a wheelchair elevator as it can greatly contribute to a safer and more secure dwelling if used as part of the larger home security package.

Wheelchair Elevators

Wheelchair Elevators

Make Great Style Statement

Getting a wheelchair elevator installed in your home will definitely add a touch of style and sophistication to your place. These elevators are available in varied designs which means there is always a look that will suit the preference and the taste of every person. There are sleek cubes featuring frames made of stainless steel and finely finished glass walls and then there are contemporary pneumatic tubes. You can even find more classical designs with brushed nickel embellishments and wood veneer. Wheelchair elevators have long been viewed as symbols of royalty and luxury and that holds true even in the present times. However, with a huge decrease in the cost of these systems, more and more people are going for wheelchair lifts.

The design and the nature of residential wheelchair lifts are completely different from the other varieties available in the market. This holds true for the procedure of powering the elevator whether it is hydraulic, pneumatic or cable. Thus, homeowners get the flexibility of narrowing down their alternatives and buy lifts for domestic use that best suit their requirements.