Many people underestimate the good rest until it is time to get out of bed, feeling that they fought the battle of your lives, as if they had been hit by pains while they were sleeping, the pain of muscle and joint that lasted them for the rest of the days. This happened to all us many times, and these types of pains are not normal.



To get a good rest we offer you this selection of the best mattresses. We include detailed information about its features and composition, so you can choose the one that best suits you and your needs. For best mattress go through this link.

Thick Pikolin Mattress:

This high-end mattress has a 1.5 cm thick viscous layer. It is a memory material that provides extra comfort. It is a model that stands out for its thickness since the total height of this mattress is 33 centimeters. This product has a pique fabric finish and has a triple barrier to prevent mites, bacteria, and fungi. Its finish is also flame retardant. It is not one of the best double-sided Pikolin mattresses but you can change the mattress layout every few months by rotating it horizontally. This model has a cushioning system developed with natural fibers that provide greater resistance to the mattress and better breathability.

The latter is especially important in the hot months as well as in places where the humidity promotes sweating. It treats, therefore, of a model of stupendous characteristics with a guarantee of quality, available in various sizes.

Mattress with Strong Anti-Deformation Core:

Medium range mattress with carbon with carbon viscoelastic. This viscoelastic padding is on the top side of the mattress and has a thickness of 4 centimeters. This material distributes the pressure on a regular basis throughout the support surface and has a memory effect, which favors a better rest.

The underside of this model has elastic and breathable fabric that facilitates moisture does not accumulate in the mattress. The total height of this model is 28 centimeters. Account, in addition, with a resistant core of 28kg / m3, what supposes a greater durability of the mattress and, especially, avoids that it deforms in the long term.



The thickness of this core supposes an increase of price with respect to other models but it is ideal to avoid uncomfortable inclinations in the surface of the mattress and to obtain thus better sleep quality.

It is, therefore, a perfect model for corpulent people and to support homogenously the mass of people of different sizes. This mattress is hypoallergenic and also has special protection against mites and bacteria, available in various sizes.

Medium Firmness Viscoelastic Mattress:

Mattress with high quality viscoelastic with a memory system that reduces pressure points. This model adapts to the weight and anatomy of each person to promote a better rest.

This mattress also has a distribution of materials that provide comfort while providing stability and firmness to the mattress, so necessary for the back to rest. This model has fabrics with a molecular structure that allows great elasticity and breathability, essential for moisture to not accumulate during the night. This is essential in hot months or in places with high humidity.

The nucleus of this model is firm and allows a gradual acceptance when throwing us on its surface. This mattress is one-sided and has great hygienic protection against mites, bacteria, and fungi, available in various sizes.

Mattress with Resistant Core:

Model with 3-dimensional breathable fabric, manufactured in Spain. It is a single-sided mattress with a red and white finish. The total height of this mattress is 23 centimeters and it has viscoelastic material 4 centimeters thick.

This material provides great benefits to relieve the discomfort of the neck and back. This is because in this mattress the weight is distributed in a homogeneous and balanced way thanks to the resilience and memory effect of the viscoelastic.



It is also because the core of this mattress has a density of approximately 26 kilos / m3. Therefore, it is a great mattress for corpulent people. Likewise, these benefits are ideal for the optimal rest of two people of very different weight. Thanks to its breathable and thermoregulatory fabric, this model favors a better circulation of oxygen in the blood and helps in cellular regeneration during sleep. This mattress also has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, available in various sizes.

These are the best design mattresses that we recommend you. If you’re looking for comfortable, fresh and durable mattresses, the above best mattresses will give you the right result you are watching for.