Even grown adults have developed some very bad habits when it comes to decorating their bedroom. While some of these can be attributed to laziness, there are also bad habits that are learned when decorating a bedroom.

These bad habits can make any given bedroom look a lot less visually appealing than they can be. Fortunately, they can be very easily avoided.

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Here are three things that should be avoided when decorating a bedroom.

Mistake #1: Not having matching high quality bed sheets, comforters, and pillows

No, your bed does not need to look like it should belong in a hotel. But it does not hurt to at least have everything match.

Knowing what colors match help this tremendously. Some combinations are simple, being very easy to put together. The problem with these simple combinations is that they are too simple and do not impress many people.

If you are looking to impress others, you will need to pursue more complicated, but more appealing combinations. This is especially true if you are trying to sell a house. Very few people understand that when you are selling a house, people will look around to see how “attractive” the house is.

Variety of colors and high quality bed sheets, comforters, and pillows are not misconception about designs but instead a professional views and designs that affects emotions and feelings of the a person.

Mistake #2: Having a trash can in your bedroom

“Oh, come on,” you protest. “Having a trash can in your bedroom isn’t that bad, is it?”

If you enjoy pests being around your bedroom then sure, having a trash can in your bedroom is pretty negligible. But if you do not, then you’ll know not to have one there.

If the bedroom isn’t a master bedroom that is connected to a bathroom, the chances are good that the bathroom is near.

Guess where most pests live in? That’s right, they live in the bathroom. They make their nests there and carry things they find in the house/apartment to said nests. If you have a trash can in your bedroom, this makes it easy for them to forage.

Leaving a trash can in your bedroom also shows others that you are too lazy to go to the living room or kitchen to throw things away. It also stands out, and not in a positive way.

Keeping laundry in the bedroom is the same thing. Even if it is in a hamper, keeping laundry inside of a bedroom will make it stand out in a negative way.

Keep trash cans and hampers inside of the living room where they belong.

Mistake #3: Using your bedroom as a living room

Younger people and people who live in houses or apartments with only one bedroom will struggle with this, but using your bedroom as a living room leads to all kinds of problems.

While it is acceptable to have a computer or a TV in your bedroom, those are the only electronics that should be in the bedroom.

Allow yourself exactly one peripheral device related to the computer or TV in your bedroom. For example, you can only keep exactly one video game console or DVD player for your TV and a pair of speakers for your computer or TV in your bedroom. Everything else goes in the living room or garage.

Under no circumstances should you have anything related to the kitchen in your bedroom, even a microwave. This shows others that you are using your bedroom not only as a living room but as a kitchen as well. This is unacceptable.

The only thing related to the kitchen that you can keep in the bedroom is a mini fridge. If you do have a mini fridge in your bedroom, only store sealed drinks in it. No food can go in it.

A well kept bedroom shows maturity. When you start using it as a kitchen or as a living room, that is when things go awry. Do yourself a favor and refuse this temptation by avoiding the three things above.


ceoSebastian Morales is Founder and CEO of Good & Bed. Prior to Starting Good & Bed, Sebastian was an investment banker based in New York City.