Every homeowner experience challenge in keeping their house in pristine condition. Whether you have important appointments or simply have a busy daily schedule, it’s not always possible to slot in time dedicated to cleaning.

If this is always the case, it may be time for you to book a housekeeper to help you manage various household chores. Hiring a housekeeper means you can spend your precious time constructively elsewhere, whether it’s for work, personal alone time, or to attend to family matters.


Below are the benefits you can get once you decide to get a professional housekeeper to maintain your home:

#1. Save Time

Cleaning a home is not only tiring but also time-consuming.

After an exhausting week from work, you deserve a relaxing weekend instead of spending your free time dusting and/or decluttering. By hiring a housekeeper, you can actually enjoy your leisure time, and spend it on other personal pursuits.

#2. Avail of Flexible Service

A housekeeper can help you with any unexpected special projects.

For instance, if you’re throwing a dinner party and you don’t have the time to clean because you’ll be doing the cooking, having a housekeeper around can make things easier for you. The housekeeper can handle the mess before, during, and even after the event to let you focus more on food preparation and cooking, and enjoying the party.

When it comes to cleaning requests on short notice, it’s best to work with a housekeeper who has experience working in your home. This way, he or she will already know what to focus on when cleaning your home.

#3. Prevent Dirt and Dust Accumulation

Cleanliness at home is also the key to good health. Homeowners often don’t have the time and energy to thoroughly clean a home and prevent dirt and dust buildup. The succeeding delay of cleaning tasks can lead to germs and bacteria proliferating in your house.

For example, even when it is ideal, not a lot of people get to deep clean their bathrooms regularly because it is a time-consuming task. Having a professional housekeeper around to take care of this part of your home means you can take baths knowing that germs are regularly flushed out, and that you won’t be coming home to a blocked toilet or drain.

Cleaning is important not only for preventing the accumulation of dirt but also diseases. To keep a clean and healthy home, it’s vital to maintain hygiene by hiring a housekeeper who will do the job on your behalf.

#4. Ensure Quality Results

A professional housekeeper from a reputable cleaning company will have years of experience and training. This expertise enables a housekeeper to finish the work on time using specific strategies, skills and tools for various cleaning tasks.

A house handled by an expert would be thoroughly and methodically cleaned. Moreover, a housekeeper uses specific equipment and cleaners to not just clean your home but also prevent damage to surfaces and fragile household items.


#5. Stay Organized

Hiring a housekeeper means you have ongoing help to stay organized. A professional housekeeper ensures that your possessions and your clean home are constantly maintained. Even if you don’t need deep cleaning in every room of your house every week, a housekeeper is more than willing to work with you to figure out the appropriate level of cleaning required in your home.

#6. Save Money

You may have specific equipment, appliances or items in your home that need special tools or cleaning solutions to maintain. For example, you may have brass and silverware, curtains or drapes made of special fabrics, and LCD screens requiring special cleaning.

The good news is, most professional cleaners have the necessary tools and equipment for the upkeep of your special items. Instead of buying the required cleaning agents, you can save money by simply hiring a housekeeper.

With proper maintenance, you can avoid costly replacements of such items that come with a shortened lifespan due to improper cleaning or non-maintenance.

#7. Relax In A Clean Home

Knowing your home is clean and well-maintained by a housekeeper will give you peace of mind. After a long day at work, you no longer have to worry about the clutter left behind and enjoy what’s left of your day relaxing. Nothing can compare to the wonderful feeling you get when you come home to a clean and orderly house after a long, stressful day.

A professional housekeeper fully understands your cleaning needs. Enjoy the seven benefits above by hiring one to handle all cleaning tasks on your behalf to ensure your family’s health and your peace of mind.


Mohamed Samad is the Founder & CEO of Matic Services. He started the company in 2016 after a series of small start-ups within the home services sector. Prior to that, Mohamed was Vice President at Greenstone Equity Partners, where he spent 24 months building the UAE business from 2011-2013 with its founder.