Every one of us has a daily chores list, including the laundry and vacuuming the house. But we are missing out some of the major tips and tricks that will make the house shine, giving it a cleaner and much better look.

Residential House Cleaner

Residential House Cleaner

Home cleaning services, New Jersey, conducted a small survey in some of the neighborhoods and found out that most of the households do not consider minute details when it comes to cleaning. After a careful observation and deducing certain findings from it, home services NJ came up with six cleaning tips and tricks to make your house shine, discussed one by one below.

#1. Clean the Exhaust

When it comes to cleaning, we might dust the fan blades but do not focus on the exhaust in the room, toilet or kitchen. Over time, the exhaust is clogged with dust and requires thorough cleaning. All you require is a blower to remove all the dust and then a cleaning spray with a cloth to clean it afterwards. Once you have cleaned it, turn on the exhaust to get rid of any residue still left. Your exhaust bracket is all shiny now.

#2. Beating the Rugs and Fabric

Our job is half done if we only vacuum the rugs and curtains, which most of us do in our regular cleaning routine. Once in a while, take the rugs and runners out in the garage or garden, drape them around a fence or wall and beat them with a bat or racket. You will be amazed with the amount of dust coming out of it using this technique. And of course, washing them is necessary seasonally as well using professional home cleaning services in your vicinity.

#3. Having an Air Cleaner

Most of the households have pets of some kind and pets shed. While vacuuming can help you to get rid of most of the shedding, some hair particles are still left in the air, making family members, especially the young ones, vulnerable to allergic reactions or asthma. And if you have an asthma patient in your house, investing in a good air cleaner is a considerable option. An effective air cleaner will remove most of the dust particles, keeping you safe from asthma and allergy.

#4. Cleaning and Polishing the Drains

Have you ever notice a clean and aesthetic bathroom, will all the robes aligned and everything well placed. But soon as you look at the drain, it spoils everything. While drain is meant to be dirty, be it in the shower or the sink, it makes the difference. It will get rusted and lose the color but by using both an anti-rust spray and shiner or by making one yourself at home can clean it. Use a mixture of vinegar, lemon and baking soda, rub it on the drain until it is clean and shiny.

#5. Disinfect the Garbage Can

It is called a garbage can for a reason but having a stained and dirty garbage can placed in the corner of your kitchen is not the most pleasing sight. Metal based garbage cans develop rusting and in some cases start to discolor too. By washing and disinfecting the garbage can will not only leave it clean but free from harmful germs.

#6. Clean the Doors

The main highlight of the room and not only the room but your house is the door. You step into a space using the door. And since it is the first impression to your house, it needs to be cleaned inside out. Use a spray to wipe the doors regularly and a shiner, preferably the one with disinfectant, to clean the door knobs. Disinfecting the door knobs is necessary because it is used by several hands many times in a day.