While it can seem like the greatest idea to put off spring cleaning (you never know what dust bunnies and clutter you may unearth), there are so many benefits to be had from refreshing and renewing your space for the warmer months.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

From color-coordinating your closet to making sure every room in the house is spic and span, here are five ways to spring clean your home (and your life).

#1. Make time for a thorough spring clean

Each season, you want to ensure you are:

  • Cleaning your humidifiers
  • Cleaning the floors under your furniture
  • Deep cleaning your mattress, pillows and sheets
  • Thoroughly cleaning your refrigerator and oven

Each month, set a day aside to:

  • Clean your makeup brushes
  • Wipe down baseboards and molding
  • Dust/vacuum corners and ceilings
  • Freshen garbage disposal
  • Wash your bath mats
  • Sanitize your cleaning boards

Every two weeks:

  • Dust your nightstands, lamps and dressers
  • Scrub your bath surfaces
  • Dust your living room and office spaces

Each week:

  • Spray your linens
  • Vacuum all carpets and rugs
  • Organize books, toys and magazines
  • Wipe down kitchen appliances
  • Organize paperwork
  • Disinfect the toilet
  • Wipe down bathroom surfaces

Follow this manageable schedule, and you will see a massive difference in your home all year round.

#2. Declutter your home

The beginning of each season is the perfect time to declutter your home. You will be amazed by how much stuff you can accumulate in the course of a few months.

It can seem like an overwhelming task, so it helps to develop a room cleaning checklist and seek the help of professional cleaners so you can tackle each task with systematic efficiency. Once you are done, you will feel a sense of relief and an optimism for the new season.

Stick with the simple rule that if you haven’t used something in the past year (since last spring), then you should contemplate throwing it away or donating it.

While this may seem ruthless, by getting into the habit of doing it four times a year, you are helping yourself stay on top of your excess items. Additionally, there is a good chance that the habit will also make you think a little harder before you purchase anything new.

Professional Cleaners

Professional Cleaners

#3. Refresh your wardrobe

After months of bundling up (depending on where you live), spring is the exciting time when you can finally start to take some layers off.

First, you want to separate your clothes into seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Put your autumn and winter clothes into storage, to make your spring and summer clothes easily accessible.

Go through and try your spring and summer clothes on and make sure they still fit and that you still enjoy wearing them. If that isn’t the case, opt to donate them to charity, sell them on eBay or swap them with friends and family.

Once you know which clothes you want to keep, organise them in your wardrobe by color so that you can see where there may be gaps. Not only will this help you while shopping, but it will also make getting dressed each morning a lot easier, as you won’t need to spend time searching for your favorite blouse.

#4. Concentrate on your bathroom

Most likely, you spend quite a bit of time in your bathroom, and you probably also waste a lot of time in there. It can be challenging to stay on top of all your potions and lotions, especially when you are in a rush in the morning.

Spend a weekend concentrating on your bathroom and organizing all your products.

Each season, clean out your drawers and cabinets and throw away any old or expired medications, makeup and toiletries. If there is an area that often gets messy, look into purchasing containers or organizers.

Move all your winter products into a storage container, so each morning you only have to look through the products you are actually going to be using.

Once everything is organized, give the bathroom a thorough clean. Wash your bath mats, scrub your surfaces, change your hand and bath towels, and ensure the shower is sparkling clean.

Your future morning self will thank you!

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

#5. Update your home accessories

Finally, once your closet is in order, your bathroom is sparkling, and each cupboard is organized, it is time to reward yourself with some new spring-appropriate home accessories.

To really get into the change of the season, refresh your living room with lighter colored cushions, throws and curtains. Make everything glow by lighting some refreshingly scented candles. Blues and yellows make a lovely spring color scheme.

Cleaning your home for the end or start of a season is a challenging but truly rewarding endeavor. The cleanliness of your home can determine the quality of your life for the next coming months, so don’t do it alone. Get the help of professional cleaners for an efficient process and long-lasting results.


Rania Bellos launched Dust Busters Cleaning Services with the help and support of her husband after spending 15 years working in the banking and finance industry in France, Lebanon and the UAE. She welcomes the daily challenges and exciting opportunities provided by the highly competitive residential and commercial cleaning services market.