Once the crown moulding goes up and the window trimming is installed, it can be a difficult decision to decide what to do with the beautiful walls you’ve spent so much time detailing.  It can be challenging finding the proper balance between ultra-contemporary and classic cozy decor without looking dated or overwhelming ideas. From the classic shelf to the more daring wall decal, modern decor doesn’t have to be complicated.  With some simple design elements, you can bring your blank walls into this century while still giving your space a livable familiarity.

Logo Custom Wall Decals

Logo Custom Wall Decals

#1. Single Focus

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean “plain”, in face in modern design it ca be quite the opposite.  Try drawing focus to your space with an accent wall.  This will allow you to pull in your design ideas and aid in making your space feel more comfortable.  An interesting modern way to do this is with logo wall decals.  These are handy decorating tools because they’re totally customizable and can be easily removed and reapplied for when you want to alter your space seasonally without doing any major overhauls.  Creating oversized works of art, typography, or textures allows you to change your space’s aesthetic in a big way without a big hassle.

#2. Geometric Shelving

Shelving is important in any space as it increases your level decor while also being functional.  Replace standard rectangular bookcases and standard shelves for floating shelves with simple or intricate geometric designs.  Triangles and hexagons of different sizes or intertwined can become works of art on their own, while retaining their practicality.

#3. Planters

Whether you’re a green thumb or prefer low maintenance faux foliage having plants in your space always brightens it and makes it feel fresh.  A modern wall or hanging planter made of concrete or reclaimed wood is a fantastic contemporary addition to modern living spaces.  Since modern planters are of minimal design so they’ll remain timeless in your space while your seasonally changing plants will keep spaces looking up to date.

#4. Get Framed

Everyone loves surrounding themselves with photos of loved ones and candid snaps from special events and modern framing’s MO is “go big and go home”.  Filling a wall entirely with frames, of either the same of different dimensions, is a unique way to personalize space in a modern way.  Combining prints and photographs are an easy way to tie in thematic of your space while also preserving important memories.  The best part is that you can constantly change up, replace, or add to your frame wall whenever you get tired of certain prints or want to switch up your decor.

Window Decals

Window Decals

#5. Texture Contrast

A simple way to make your space feel more modern is to keep an eye out on the material and texture of your decor pieces.  Combining bold textures is a modern trend that leaves a big impact.  Industrial materials combined with traditional ones (concrete and led with woods and textiles) allows pieces to stand out while also making spaces feel more a part of this century.

#5. Window Shaping

Take your window finishing’s up a notch by adorning them with some customized window decals.  They’re not just for stores anymore.  Small designs of tangrams can put the finishing touch in spaces, and creating asymmetrical borders out of single geometric shapes can create added dimension and a heighten your room’s aesthetic without overpowering it.