Opting for a new home when additional space is required is a complicated step taken by homeowners. You will be leaving the familiar neighborhood and surroundings only because you need additional space. Searching for an apt home, location, facilities and taking the trouble to shift bag and baggage is definitely not a wise decision. This does require specific considerations and planning but is definitely easier as compared to opting for a new home.

Types of House Extensions:

Home Extension

Home Extension

Making this decision can get easier if you are in the know of the different types of extensions you can opt for. If you already have an existing home, you can try for a single room or just a roof extension, but if your old home is in a dilapidated condition, then you need to go for the full-scale home extension.

Single Storey Extensions:

These types of extensions can be on the side or on the rear, or even on both the sides of an existing garage or an outbuilding.  You can choose between the tiled roofs which are pitched or opt for the flat roof. These pitched tiled roofs are not only better in appearance but can also last for a long period of time. It is important to take the specific design into consideration as you need to have ease of access not only to the roof but also the doors and windows for the required maintenance. Make sure the chosen design does not have any impact on the exit for the emergency.

House Extensions of Two Storeys:

Though an ideal choice, you might need a planning approval for the two-story extensions. Designing these extensions, you need to ensure that the design does not impact the flow of light to the neighboring houses in any way. The external design needs to blend well with the existing structure and not affect the appearance and quality of the neighborhood.

Reasons for opting for Home Extensions:

Home extensions seem to be a ‘sensible’ choice when a homeowner is finding the existing home too cramped up. Besides this, home extensions offer multiple benefits.

1. Opting for these home extensions a homeowner can retain the value of the existing home without making any compromises. More space and modern look means the value of your property definitely rises.

2. These home extensions offer you the flexibility of design of your interiors. You can even think of renting out any extra rooms and gain financially out of this.

Considerations for Home extensions:

Home Extension

Home Extension

Before you get totally involved in this home extension project it is advisable to sort out specific factors.

*Work out a budget which does not put a hole in your pocket. Once the amount of money to be spent is decided upon it is comfortable planning the extensions along with the apt design.

  • There are many home extension companies available in the market. With the right kind of paperwork and permission from competent building authorities, they can carry on with your home extension projects according to your budget.
  • Hoem extension should not entail pollution to the environment or to the nearby homes of your town.

*Take the help of reputed and professional designers so that you are offered the best option for the home extensions.

You have multiple professionals listed online who can help you out with these extensions.  You can pick and choose a specific company only after going through the different reviews and ratings as this ensures the quality of service offered. Discuss your requirements with the specific company chosen so that there is a clear-cut conclusion on the type and size of the home extensions.